Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rest In Peace, Grandpa...

Death has become a normal part of my life since I've been a Marine.
For 9 years, I've seen more Marines being buried before they even got a chance to live their lives because of war.

I found out this weekend that my grandfather passed away...
My mom's father.

I was relieved when I found out...
and here's why...
My grandfather was one of the most amazing men you'll ever meet.
He fought in the Korean War.
He spoke more languages fluently than I can even think of right now.
He was resilient.
He could do anything.
He loved his family more than anything.
He was one of the most kind and gentle human beings I have ever known. 
He was soft spoken, but you knew when he meant business.
He loved his wife, his children, and his grandkids with so much passion.

I have such fond memories of him from when I was a kid and would go visit him in South Korea.
He would go hiking (at the age of 70!) every morning to the top of a local mountain to pick fruit.
It would be ready for me to eat when I woke up.
He took care of his body better than most men half his age.
He loved life.
He walked with this extraordinary sense confidence and briskness...if a blind man were to ever walk with my grandfather, he would have easily been mistaken for a 20 year old...when in reality he was in his 70's.

Towards the end of his life, he found God.

This is why I was relieved when I found out he had passed away.
He found God.
I don't have to worry about him anymore.
My grandmother (his wife) passed away at the beginning of this year.
He died of a broken heart.
He died to go to heaven to be with the woman he spent his entire life with.
So that is why I am happy.

Death is never easy to deal with.
It's just become normal for me.
I don't rejoice when a 19 year old kid gives his life in war, because in my mind, he never got to really live life to the fullest.

But for my grandfather...
He lived through war, love, hard times, easy times...
He got to do it all...
Most importantly he found God.

So, I'm not grieving his death.
I'm rejoicing because I know him and my grandma are in heaven dancing the night away and looking down on us.

Rest in Peace Grandpa...

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, but as I read this, I cried, because I have a similar story...only it took my Grandpa 6 years to be with my Grandma.
    Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.


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