Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Silly Faces

Nick's in the field this week.
Pre deployment has OFFICIALLY begun.
It's "single mommy" time for me.
In the words of my good friend Becca..."Just brought out my single parent shoes!"
Nick's Uncles from ENGLAND are coming this weekend.

Work depresses me.
Work stresses me out.

I had a full loaded combat pack 3 years ago.
After I became a mom...that combat pack turned into a day pack...
and since I've checked into my new command...
that day pack has turned into a camelback...

And now..

I am dragging that camel back by it's hose.....

I am ready to "not" be a Marine anymore.

I just want to be a mom...

Wouldn't you if you got to see this face everyday?!?

When I tell her to make a "silly face"...this is the face I get.

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