Monday, September 5, 2011

Busier Than Mustard Trying To Ketchup

haha :-P

This last week has been BUSY BUSY BUSY for us!
I'm FINALLY getting a chance to sit down, breathe, and "ketchup" in my blogging!
Nick's Uncles came to stay with us for a week all the way from Peterborough, England!!!
We got them a cute little beach cottage on Del Mar Beach for the week, and they were both in heaven!
We spent the majority of the week just relaxing, grilling, and sitting on the beach.
We did make it a point to take them to some of Southern California's fabulous restaurants and sights.
I think they were more content just sitting by the ocean though :-)

Those are the beach cottages in the background.

Each cottage had a fire pit right in front of it. We built a fire two of the nights, and just sat around the fire, bbq'ed, drank cocktails, and laughed :-) It was just perfect. This is the men trying to start a fire. 

Early morning view from the back porch of the cottage.

Yes, that is sand that she rubbed on her face, and that is Dannika's "Silly Face". 

So I couldn't believe it with Uncle David and Uncle Andy said that they had never had coconut shrimp before! I was like, "WHAT?!" I took them to Joe's Crab Shack on the harbor to eat coconut shrimp, and Uncle Andy, who doesn't even like shrimp LOVED it! Andy also got to try a "Margarona" (Margarita with a corona turned upside down in it)...he was in heaven.

Just hanging out on the harbor.

Dannika LOVED both of them. She thought they were "FABULOUS".

We wouldn't let the Brits leave Southern California without giving them a taste of our TASTY Mexican Cuisine, so Nick and I took them to our favorite Mexican restaurant, the world famous El Adobe. They had fresh made guacamole (made right in front of us at our table), and platefuls of gourmet Mexican food!

After Mexican, we took them to a local dive bar called the Swallow's Inn. We just happened to be there on Karaoke None of us ended up singing, but we had a really fun time. The drinks were cheap, strong, and the atmosphere was perfect. After one too many cocktails, we took a short cab ride back to our house where we decided it was a good idea to play really bad I'm laughing as I type this.

And they spoiled Dannika to pieces with love, love, and more love! We took them to the Irvine Spectrum to do some shopping, and Dannika started throwing a fit because Nick and I would not buy her a Hello Kitty backpack. So, of course, Uncle David went ahead and bought it for her. This is after the fact that he convinced Nick to buy her ANOTHER new pair of Toms (pictured here).

We took literally HUNDREDS of pictures of their stay here, but I didn't want to bore all of you with them. I had such an amazing week with two amazing people. I can't wait till they come back out again, and I can't wait to go visit them in England!

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