Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Mrs. D!

Is this girl not A-DORABLE?!?!

She is 26 years young today and absolutely FABULOUS!!!

She's seriously like Martha Stewart on drugs.
She's an amazing cook, an amazing baker, an amazing artist, an amazing party hostess, an amazing artist, an amazing photog, an amazing Marine wife and most importantly an AMAZING mommy!
This is just to name a few things she's AMAZING at.
She's pretty much a domestic goddess that every wife is jealous of but absolutely loves.

We spent this weekend celebrating her birthday and her hubby's birthday (not till Oct) at our good friend Lindsay's house.
It was so much fun!
We had the fire pit.
Roasted hot dogs.
Made smores.
Had awesome chili.
Great friends.

It was a perfect way to celebrate an incredibly adorable couple's birthdays!

Thanks Lindsay, for hosting such an awesome party and surviving all of our children!!!!!


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  1. Happy Birthday to Becca and her hubby! Glad you had a great night!
    PS- Please check out my last post... A surprise for you!


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