Sunday, September 18, 2011

Military Wives

I realized this weekend how much I really love my military wife friends.
I mean, I've always loved them, but I really got to reflect this weekend on my friendships with them.
They've always been there for me and have always understood me.
I tell them things I don't tell my friends I've known all my life.
I guess it's a "secret club" that only a military wife would understand.
So thanks gals...
for being awesome :-)

And just so I don't leave y'all hangin...

Here are some pics!
We finally hung our flags in our yard last weekend.

We spend tonight at the Gilbert's house. Here's Dannika after swimming in their jacuzzi in their rocking chairs....Life is Good :-)

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  1. I just read your interview at Diary of a Devil Dog Wife! So sweet...thanks for sharing! Your flag pictures here are great!


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