Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh Miss Dannika Jane

I haven't really blogged too much lately about Dannika's new "feats" and "stuff"
I've just been too busy enjoying watching her grow.
She amazes me everyday with something new, and it really feels like in just a week, she changes so much.
Nick is amazed by some of the new things she can do after spending just one week in the field.

She actually communicates with us and talks to us in full blown sentences and can tell us if or when she wants something (which is a cursed blessing...lol).

Today, while we were hosing off our front porch, I sprayed her with the water hose thinking she'd enjoy it...
Instead of that adorable giggle I was expecting to hear...
I got a, "Mommy, don't do that!"

Did my 2 year old just tell me that?! 

It was so cute I sprayed her again just to hear her say it.

While watching Nick work out in the yard today, she poked her head out the back door, and this is the conversation that I heard.
Dannika : Daddy! Daddy!
Nick : Yes, baby?
Dannika : I see you!!!

Everywhere we go, she points at EVERYTHING and asks us "What's that? What's that?"

She is just so curious about the world.

She can correctly identify every pair of shoes that she owns.
I ask her to bring her Toms to me, and she brings me her Toms...

While watching the movie "Up" the other day, I was crying through the beginning (so sad), and she came up to me, put her head on me and told me, "It's ok mommy. Don't cry".
What's so funny is that this little person speaks so clearly and articulates her words so well, I forget she's only 2!

The other day she opened up my pantry, pointed at her cheerios...
"I want it!"

She actually says the phrase "I want it" like a spoiled brat...especially when she throws her little tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants.

After her two minute time outs, we hug her, tell her what she did wrong, and she tells us "Sawwy mommy (or daddy)."

When she bumps her head or falls and hurts something, she'll point at whatever caused her injury and yell at it, "No! No! No! Floor (or door, or rug, or whatever...lol)"

She can tell you everyday that "Mommy and Daddy at work" or "Daddy in the field"

She can sing twinkle twinkle little star better than most 3 year olds I know, and she can sing her ABC's...all the way down to the "Now I know my ABC's" part of the song.

She loves Dora, Kai-Lan, Olivia, Hello Kitty....
Purses, lip gloss, and all things pink....
and add "choo choo" trains, helicopters (she gets that from mommy), cars, and trucks.

I love how while driving around with her, I can have full blown conversations with her now.

I feel like in a matter of 2 weeks, she has officially become a full sentence talking toddler because just 2 weeks ago, she was saying short sentences that would be expected of a 24 month old...
Now she has full blown arguments and conversations with us!!!
I am loving every moment of this, but I'm ready for her to slow down....

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