Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Is In The Air!

It's been a busy weekend for the Romers!
I threw a baby shower for my friend Kim on Saturday!
Her husband, Sunny is a sniper with 2/4 and has been deployed to Afghanistan since August.
Their THIRD son is due in December, and I wanted to make sure that Kim had a proper baby shower.
Since Sunny's gone, I decided to do a Marine Corps themed shower in honor of him.
It was so much fun, and I met so many awesome women!
I hope I did you justice, Sunny!
Here are a few pics!

yes...I made these cupcakes...It was Cupcake Wars in my house!!!

Baby Logan. He has his father's lips!

A true Sniper's son needs a green squad leader's book! Everyone wrote a little message to Logan in it!

Sunny posing with my very first diaper cake! Thanks for stopping by!

Ammo cans, action figures, and diapers....perfect combo!

Dannika hanging out with Sunny

PJ, the Beal family, and Kim's parents all pitched in to get Kim a double BOB stroller. Thanks to Sunny for putting it together!

The mama and her huge belly! She is GLOWING!

Kim, Ali, Kim's mama, and Kim's sister, Molly.

Some of my favorite people. Friends of mine that I introduced Kim to!


Two preggo mamas! Kim's in her THIRD trimester and Kari is in her FIRST! Look at their bellies~!

The wives of 2/4! All of their husbands are in Afghanistan right now protecting US!

What would I do without my BFF?!

Today we took Dannika to the pumpkin patch!
 We usually go all to way up to Irvine, but we decided to be "lazy" this year and go to the petting zoo right by our house to get pumpkins.
They do a mini pumpkin patch every year in conjunction with their petting zoo, and to be honest, it was way more fun!
Dannika had a BLAST!
We brought our pumpkins home and carved them...a Romer family tradition :-)

 She was not a fan of the "Ze-donks"

My pumpkin is the "Hello Kitty" one and Nick's is the "Iwo Jima" one'

Dannika's pumpkin is the one on top :-)

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