Sunday, October 2, 2011

Is It Fall Yet?!


YES IT IS!!!!!
We stayed home all day Saturday watching college football!
Can you tell by the video who Dannika roots for??
Too cute!

It was really nice to just have some family time this weekend...even if it meant sitting in our jammies all day watching college football!

This is her crying over the Aggies' loss yesterday
( she was just crying cause she didn't want to take a picture...ehh...)

One of our favorite things to do (before the Dannika was born) was going riding.
Nick and I used to hop on the bike and cruise PCH all the way down to Laguna Beach and back.
Since having the baby, it has been difficult to find time to do that.
I actually kind of forgot about our Sunday bike rides.
Thanks to our lovely neighbors, Nick and I got to do just that today.
We just cruised the 5 and ended up in Talega at the Panera Bread for lunch and came home.
It was a perfect "Mommy/Daddy" Sunday afternoon.

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