Monday, October 10, 2011

Old Friends/New Friends

My friend Sarah was there the night I came home from my first date with Nick.
I came in, and she told me I was "glowing".
That was almost FOUR years ago, and she's been one of my closest friends ever since!
She had a sweet baby boy LAST December, and that was the last time I have seen her!!!
She came out today from Ontario (California) and spent the day with Nick, Dannika, and I in the "OC".
I couldn't believe how handsome her son Kai was.

Dannika LOVED Kai.
He's her new BFF.

The most awesome thing about close friends is that even when you're apart for a long time, you can pick up from where you left off and feel like you never missed a beat.

Trying to pose children for a photograph is a daunting task...obviously...Kai was NOT interested.

"Come back, Kai!!!! We still have to take our picture!!!"

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