Sunday, January 15, 2012

One Week down!

This deployment (so far) has been flying by for Dannika and I.
I got promoted to SSgt, and it couldn't have happened at a better time.
With the extra pay comes extra responsibilities which has been keeping me super busy at work.
The days at work just kinda fly by.
I also think it's the fact that I convinced myself in the weeks prior to Nick's departure that I was excited about him deploying.
I made myself look forward to all the fun things I was going to plan and do while he is gone. 
These are things that I normally would not be doing if Nick was here.

Here's my deployment list:

1. I plan on hiring an interior designer to come and do a custom closet makeover in all the bedrooms and redo my dining room.
2. I have a fancy Canon DSLR camera that I am slowly learning how to shoot on manual with. I would like to get a nice L-series lens for it and take even nicer photos of Dannika for Nick while he's gone.
3. I am on a detox/cleanse. I bought a 10 day kit from GNC. On top of that I cut out processed foods and red meat from my daily intake. 
4. Nick and I have always been hardcore Crossfitters, but we always tended to lean towards the same WODs. So this time, I have been trying new WODs, and I purchased (even more) Crossfit equipment for our makeshift gym in the garage.
5. Lots and lots of girl time with my friends Becca, Kim, Kari, Lindsey, Vic...and the new Tango wives that I've met. I am finding this one to be the most challenging for me. My work schedule is crazy and on top of that, I am on "single working mom mode". That, and I live farthest away from everyone. The drive......I hate driving. I am gonna have to get over that one.
6. I started a weekly tradition with Dannika. Every Saturday, we do brunch at the Sundried Tomato. We've only gone twice and the staff there already know us by name and even comp'ed our meal yesterday.
7. Send a care package out every week to Nick. My care packages aren't your typical packages either. Once Nick gets his first one, I will do another post on what goes into a "Romer care package".
8. Start teaching Dannika piano this summer. My parents got her a Wurlitzer piano for her 2nd Birthday, and all she's done on it is bang on the keys. I plan on actually starting beginner piano theory with her!
9. Nick has all these fancy new power tools. I plan on learning how to use them and possibly redoing our kitchen cabinets.
10. Take Nick's motorcycle out and ride it!

Just those 10 things have given me something to really look forward to for the next 7 months!
It's weird cause this deployment should be harder than the last cause Nick is now the Battery Gunny and he is a lot busier than he was last time. 

I hope anyone else who is going through deployment right now can find some of this useful.
Everyone takes deployment differently.
My motto:
"You can cry and be sad all day long, but it's not gonna make them come home any sooner. Suck it up, take a deep breath, and find ways to fill the empty space in your heart with other fun and healthy things!"

This was the day they left at the Sundried Tomato (Jan 7, 2012)

 You can write on the tables there and we write a message to Nick and take a pic of it every time we go!

On my way to work! Keeping me busy busy. And yes, I am taking a picture of myself while driving on Camp Pendleton. Don't judge me!

Sundried Tomato Week 2 (January 14, 2012) I actually took my good camera this time.

Message #2!

Nick's not in Afghanistan! We're secretly hiding him for 7 months in our house. This is him chilling on the couch and enjoying a Newcastle.

Dannika handing her daddy his favorite beer.

Kisses for my daddy!

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  1. seems like you will be busy and enjoying your time! No too much time for missing ;D


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