Saturday, January 28, 2012


Well...we are at week THREE!
The weeks are FLYING.
Work has been insane with stupid Marines doing stupid drinking and driving...drugs...and domestic violence.
It's just been really bad lately, so I've spent the week sitting in briefs and formations about these things.
I got to have my FIRST skype date last sunday with Nick!!!
I was so excited!
Check him out...
What a handsome guy, huh?

And Dannika and I went on our 4TH SUNDRIED TOMATO DATE!!!
I love how the staff ALL know us now, and everytime we leave, they always tell us, "See you next weekend!"

The weekly "table note" for actually hasn't been a month yet, but we've been there 4 times since he's left, and to me...that's a month!!!!

This is the infamous "silly face" or "funny face" (whichever she feels like calling it)

I'm so glad that Nick joined us today. I was really starting to miss him.

I've kept up with my weekly care packages.
I've been working out the way I did before last November hit....crossfit, weights, elliptical...6 times a week, and on my rest day, I put Dannika in the jogging stroller and walk 6 miles.
I have not had any red meat since the boys left.
I had chicken once (at my friend's Scentsy party).
I feel great!
I have started inquiring about a custom closet makeover.
And Dannika has only had ONE accident in her big girl panties (she was potty trained the day before Nick left).
Next weekend, I am painting a wall in my house and doing this cool thing to my hallway that I saw on pinterest

I get sad every once in a while cause I feel like I don't get to talk to Nick as much as some of the other wives (except for Becca...she's heard from her man the least out of everyone), but Dannika has been keeping me so busy, I don't have time to go into depression about

I have yet to spend time with my girlfriends like I planned on. 
Work has just been tiring me out.
Work, the Marine Corps, single motherhood, and everything else that comes with that.

Either way,
I am blessed beyond belief, and I never stop counting my blessings.

Hope everyone had a blessed week...

"If you don't love a Marine....Raise your standards!"
(a funny bumper sticker I saw)

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