Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lucky Number 7

This is weekend NUMBER 7 without Nick.
Our weekend has been insanely busy!!!
Yesterday was one of Dannika's best friend, Jackson's 2nd Birthday party!
She was PARTIED out at his 'Cars' themed party.
And my friend, Becca is one insane party thrower. 
She literally invited like 50 people!
I would never invite that many people for fear of what would happen to my house!
It ended up being a huge success and we all had so much fun (and her house was fine).
I did learn a few things at the birthday party...

1. I am rethinking the thought of having more children. After spending 3 hours with 15 or so screaming, crazy, cake sugar high kids...I needed a Xanax...I actually need one just thinking about...haha.

2.  I am really socially awkward when around more than 4-5 people that I don't know or barely know...there were literally like 30 people that I didn't really know well there. ONE of the many reasons why I don't really like going to spouse's socials. If you were there, you probably noticed, I stuck close to my comfort zone...friends that I already know and have known for some time now. Again...I needed a Xanax with the amount of people that were there! I should work on that. Maybe I'll try exposure therapy...we'll start with a spouse's social that Nick's unit does once a month...or maybe not.

3.This kinda goes back to #2, but I am more comfortable around women I know really well and guys. I just get along better with guys. I've been a Marine for 9 years now and I am the ONLY girl as of now in my work center. I will have to write a WHOLE another blog about this topic. For the majority of the party, I sat outside with two close girlfriends and one of their husbands. I had the most fun laughing about randomness with them, and my friend's husband is HILARIOUS. He definitely made our convos a little more lighthearted. 

4. It was nice to talk to some of my other friends about the deployment. I told them that I was enjoying the time apart from Nick. I was having a lot of fun doing mommy and me things with Dannika. I miss him like crazy, but I don't dwell on it as much as I did last deployment. I'm pretty sure I was sobbing depressed every single day last time. This time, I'm embracing it! I find that talking on facebook about how depressed I am and how much I miss Nick, makes me really depressed. I've managed to keep those feelings to myself and just post positive posts and posts about how awesome Nick is, and how lucky I am to have him. It helps! Try it!

After the party, I sat in traffic for an hour and a half, got home, picked up Nick's care package, drove to the post office to find it closed, went grocery shopping, and went on our traditional Sundried Tomato date.
This was the first time we went for an early dinner.
We normally go for brunch.
However, the staff that we always see were there, and it's really cool that the manager makes it a point to always brings our food to us now.
I will have to get a picture with him, Dannika, and "Nick".

No, I am not saying that if you didn't marry a Marine, you're not a real woman. It's a figure of speech. And let's face it really DOES take a special kind of person to deal with the Marine Corps on a daily basis. Hence the reason that our divorce rate alone in the Corps is at 80%!!!!!!!! The average person can't handle our life!

On to weekend number 8!! 

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  1. I'm planning on commissioning into the USN or USMC after college. So, I'm especially looking forward to your blog post about being a female in the military!

    I love your blog and consider it to be one of my favorites. I wish you and Nick the best and am sending prayers your way.


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