Saturday, February 4, 2012

Officially ONE Month

Today is officially ONE month since Nick has been gone!!
The Battery that he replaced came home today, and I'm totally excited about all the Romeo Battery wives!
This month has flown by for me, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the next SIX will fly by as well!
Dannika and I have been keeping ourselves suuuuper busy!
Tomorrow is Superbowl Sunday, and we are going over to Kim's house to celebrate it!
Dannika and Kim's son, Kanoa have spent every single Superbowl together since they were born!!!!
It's a huge tradition!
Their first Superbowl, Sunny and Nick were deployed.
Their second Superbowl, Nick was in the field, so it was just Sunny, Kim, and the rest of their kiddos.
Their third Superbowl will be tomorrow...and once again...Sunny and Nick are both deployed :-(
Luckily, this time, we have our "Daddy dolls", so it will be Sunny and Nick's official first Superbowl Sunday together!!!!

Thank God that Sunny will be home in less than 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!
Last Sunday, Dannika and I had dinner with our adopted family, the Gilberts!
It was our first traditional Sunday night dinner with the Gilbert family since Nick has been gone.
They have become Dannika's California grandparents, Aunt, and Uncle(s). 
They became our second family during Nick's last deployment.
It is actually our (the Gilbert Family and ours) second deployment together for Nick...haha!

Other than that...
This week has been no different than the last 3!
I've been insanely busy at work, Dannika and I have gone to the Sundried Tomato Cafe every Saturday, and my Crossfit work outs get more insane by the day :-)

Life is good.
It'll just keep getting better.
When my other half comes home, it'll be perfect...absolutely perfect :-)

Happy One Month Tango Battery!!!!

Jeff Gilbert...of course HE would be the one feeding Nick his beer.

Melissa G....She's pretty gangsta. Dannika loves her :-)

Papa (LtCol G) and Mama G giving "Nick" some lovin'

 They have the best, flakiest sweet rolls!!
 Photobooth fun on our MAC

Photobooth fun before our 5TH date at the Sundried Tomato!

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