Friday, February 17, 2012

Slideshow Love

I'm home all day with my sick baby.
She's really crabby :-(
While a free day off of work is always's unwelcome when it's because I have to tend to a sick child.
Oh, the perils of single parenting...

I'm just happy she is sleeping a lot.

So, as most of my friends know, I own a Mac and have a slight obsession with it.
I hate PC with a pash ('s a word I just made up).
Everything I own is a Mac.
I have the 27" Mac desktop.
I have a Macbook laptop that is currently on deployment in Afghanistan.
I have an IPad 2 that I waited 6 weeks to receive because I HAD TO have it when it first came out.
I am currently waiting on the IPhone 5 to come out, and I will probably be one of the maniacs camping out at the Mac store the day before release (ok, not really, but I did consider it before).

One of my favorite things about my Mac (besides IPhoto, Aperture, ICloud, Apple mail, Safari....etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.) is the IMovie feature.
It makes it SOOOO easy to make cute little slideshows and movies.

I used it to make Dannika's 2nd Birthday Party Slideshow {you can watch it below, but I am warning you that it is LONG...I had it play continuously on our TV during her entire party}

I actually had a lot of fun making it, and it didn't take me that long!
I think it took longer for me to pick out which photos I wanted in it.

So today, while I sat here missing Nick, I decided to make him a slideshow of "Us".
I cheesy...and people are probably hating on how disgustingly mushy we can be.
I can't help it...we just never left the honeymoon stage!
I fell in love with Taylor Swift's video Ours, and the song seemed fitting so that's the one I chose for the music.

For my military wives who haven't seen it below.

Here is my final product.
Enjoy it if you must...and if you don't want to watch it...I'm totally ok with that too.
It was made for my better half :-)

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