Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sundried Tomato Date Week 8

Well, this week has been the longest week by far.
Nick had to make a short visit to FOB (Forward Operating Base) Edinburgh to take care of business, and while he was there, I didn't hear from him once.
I was getting used to hearing from him via email pretty regularly, so an entire week without an email or phone call....sucked mucho.
It was worse especially cause this week was the FIRST week that I really needed the comfort of his voice.

However, I did get a huge smile on my face when Kim's husband, Sunny told me that he met up with Nick and got to hang out.
They were like little kids being reunited after a long Summer vacation.
Sunny is coming home in a few short weeks with 2/4, and Nick and Sunny have become good friends through Kim over the past few years.
How cool is that?! They got to hang out in AFGHANISTAN!!!!
Some husbands meet up to go play golf at the country club...Marine wives...our husbands meet up in combat.
It put me in an even better mood when Sunny posted pics of them on his facebook.
I was over the moon!
I hadn't seen a picture of Nick since he left...minus our 2 Skype dates that lasted like 5-10 minutes.

Look at these two handsome fellers...yes, that is a hatchet that Nick is holding that Sunny gave to him.

Nick's starting to grow his hair out (it's cold in Afghanistan this time of year!), and Sunny....well...he's a sniper...they don't believe in haircuts. He is sportin' the "Sniper 'high' and tight"

They smoked a cigar together for the birth of Sunny's son, Logan. (He was born 3 months ago, and Sunny got the hear the entire birth over the phone).

So other than that....
I have been DETERMINED to make the best of the time that I get to spend with Dannika.
I was starting to get really depressed thinking about the lack of time I get to spend with her due to work.

One thing I started is bubble baths with color drops.
I never let her have fun in the tub.
Normally, it's...get in...get clean...get out.
I wanted to spend some time with her having fun though, so I bought bubbles and the color tablets.
I had so much fun playing with her and watching her just do her thing in the tub.
I wish I woulda known sooner how much she enjoyed being in the tub by herself with some bubbles and colored water :-\

I asked her to say a prayer....

And lastly...

Today was our EIGHTH Sundried Tomato date!!!!!

Have a great week!!!

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