Sunday, March 4, 2012


The Romers?


Our family is facing a lot of new changes and challenges in the upcoming year.
I will be happily saying "goodbye" to life as a Marine and saying "hello" to life as JUST a Marine Wife and Mommy.
Nick also has lots of changes coming ahead in his career!

As y'all know, Nick was selected for GySgt (rah!) and will be picking it up in April.
I know I brag a lot, but it is a BIG deal to pick it up the way he did.
First of all, he had only been in the Corps NINE years when he got selected.
The average Marine picks up SSgt between 6-10 years and does not even see GySgt until their 13-16 year mark....and lots of Marines RETIRE as GySgts.
So as you can see, Nick still has a while before retirement and has up to another 20 years (if he wants to stay in that long) to get promoted.
He's on the fast track :-)
That makes me a very proud wifey :-)))))

It was time for him to make some changes in his career to start thinking about what he truly wanted out of the Corps when he retires. 
He has seen his share of combat in Fallujah, Iraq before we met.
I'm so glad he got that "young guy...I want...I NEED to kill a terrorist" feeling out of his system.
Now he's looking at the professional aspects of the Corps and making himself more marketable for civilian life.
He put in a package to become a warrant officer (I'm not gonna explain this if you don't know...just google it).
It's highly competitive, and we will be thrilled if he gets selected!
Just in case, however, he does not get selected, he put in a back up plan.
He requested to go on ROTC instructor duty at Texas A&M University (GIG 'EM AGGIES!).


His back up plan came up faster than we thought!
Last week, he received orders to go to BOSTON UNIVERSITY (W-T-F!!!!!).
While his check in date is April 15th, he obviously won't be able to go since he's in Afghanistan.
But if he does not get selected for Warrant Officer...
you got it.
To Boston we shall go.

I'm scared.
I'm excited.

Honestly, As long as I have my little family, I'll be happy transplanted anywhere.
I just hope if we go there, Nick buys me a nice Burberry winter coat and cute winter boots.

It's scary that I don't know where we're gonna be in a year, but I guess that's the whole excitement of the Marine Corps life!!!!


  1. I really think you would like Boston. There is a LOT to do within a very short distance.
    And you would look great in winter wear!!
    I look forward to hearing what happens over the next few months.

  2. Ooh exciting!! I would love to be in Boston for awhile!!


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