Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sundried Marine Corps Church

This weekend marked our 10th week Anniversary at the Sundried Tomato!

Dannika keenly observing her sweet roll

"Always faithful" forever...

Work has been work.
To be honest, I enjoy going to work to be around Marines and to take care of my Marines.
The work part...bleh.
I'm just burnt out with the Marine Corps, and I think as Marines, we all get to that point at some point in our career.
Even those who make the Marine Corps a 20-30 year career experience this, but they get through it and move on.
For me, I've been at this point for the last 3 or so years.
That's how I KNOW it is now time to get out.
I don't care as much about the little things as much as I used to, and when 1600 rolls around, my butt is out the door driving off the air station way too fast to get home to my little one.
I used to be "that guy" that lived at work.
My priorities have changed...
It used to be Marine Corps, friends, partying, and repeat.
Then it became marriage, Marine Corps, friends, and partying.
NOW it's marriage, Dannika, Marine Corps, friends, and
Notice how the Marine Corps just keeps going down on my priority list?
Doesn't mean I don't like the Marine Corps.
I love the Marine Corps.
I love being able to call myself a Marine, and I love the fact that Nick and I don't have to explain so much to each other.
We both just "get it".

So there ya have it.

As for our weekend, Dannika and I ran all over town yesterday running little errands, and played outside.
She got to ride her new tricycle, and I got to take some St. Patricks Day pictures of her for Nick (which I will post on St. Patty's Day!).

And lastly, Church.
Our family attends Pacific Coast Church in San Clemente, CA.
I love it there.
I strongly encourage anyone who would like to join Dannika and I on Sundays to come with us!
You will not be disappointed :-)
It's weird how God works in my life.
It seems that the sermons are always so fitting of what is current in my life.
We have been studying the book of Ephesians through a series called "Behind Enemy Lines".
Right now, with Nick and I both in the Marines and having Nick deployed, it just so fitting that we would be studying about our daily spiritual battles.
It's a great is all the other series I have gone through with this church.
I started going back to church hardcore more often since I realized that everything wrong was going on in my life when I quit going (out of sheer laziness).
Dannika is also at an age where she is starting to understand concepts.
I really want her to grow up having a better relationship than I did with God, so it is extremely important to me that we go to church together.
She absolutely loves Sunday school, and I love going to pick her up from Sunday school to see what arts and crafts she did that day :-)

She colored a dove today :-) I guess the eyes are a bit creepy looking....


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  1. Omgosh look at that face!!!!!
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