Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Little Heavier on the Collar

It FINALLY happened!
Nick was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant yesterday!

Look at that handsome guy :-)

 He initially found out he was selected at the beginning of LAST Summer, and he has been patiently waiting almost a year to wear the rank.
I know how frustrating it was for to look at the MARADMINs every month to see how many GySgts the Marine Corps would promote that next month.
I am also thrilled that he came home just in time for me to be a part of his big day. 

Everyone who was anyone in the artillery community at Pulgas showed up to include some of our close friends.
I know it meant a lot to Nick.

Colonel Frazier, the Regimental Commander for 11th Marines came out to promote Nick.
That was a huge deal for Nick.
Nick had deployed to Iraq the first time with Colonel Frazier (then a LtCol), and he had made quite an impression on Nick.
Enough of an impression that the Colonel even could recall personal stories and details about Nick as a Corporal and a Sergeant.
I sorta got teary eyed when he was talking about Nick.

Part of Nick's speech included that everyone that came to support him had made some sort of professional or personal impact on his life.
As I looked around the room, it all made sense.
They were all great men, amazing Marines, and loving family (our friends are our family) that Nick had told me stories about at some point in our marriage.
Funny stories, serious stories, stories about courage....
They were guys that saved his ass a few times when he did something stupid (let's face it, even Nick isn't perfect...lol).
They were Marines who motivated him when he wanted to quit.
They were friends who took stupid pictures in Iraq together of them in skivvies and their weapons.
They were friends who would risk their lives for him (and vice versa)
They were leaders who saw potential in a young NCO.

I'm a true believer that no one gets promoted just off their own merit.
It's the Marines around us that influence us the greatest, and the leaders above us that see potential in us.
You couple that with your own hard work, dedication, selflessness, and achievements......
God will do the rest, and He always comes through for us.

I know Nick isn't a big talker or one with words.
But I know if he could express just how much everyone's genuine support meant, he would.

Congrats, baby.
You deserve every rocker on that collar, and many more to come :-)

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