Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meet Dozer

He is the newest member of our little family.
He is a purebred American bulldog "puppy" that is 11 months old.
Yes..this big beefy fella is only 11 MONTHS old, and has 2 more years of growing to do.
I would guess he weighs about 75lbs right now.

The Story
I met Dozer roughly 8 months ago at my work.
He belonged to a fellow Marine I worked with, and because he was still a little itty bitty puppy who wasn't housebroken yet, he brought him into work.
I thought he was cute, and that was about it.
I had convinced myself that I did not want to have a dog after our short ownership of a dachshund named "Grizzly".

*Nick brought Grizzly home shortly after Dannika was born.
I tried my best to love him and like him.
When that didn't happen, I tried my best to tolerate him.
I just did not like Grizzly.
We decided to give him away because he was just not a good fit for our family.*

Fast forward to this past Friday.
It was my first day back at work since knee surgery, and when I came in, this humongous dog was sitting behind my desk!
He startled me at first just because of his pure size.
I realized he was really a big sweetheart, and I mighta sorta have fallen in love with him on Friday. 
I could not believe that this was the same dog that I had seen at work 8 months earlier!
That teeny tiny itty bitty puppy!
He had easily SEXTUPLED in joke.
The Marine that owned the dog realized that he just did not have to time to give him the attention that he needed so he gave him away to one of my Marines (a Corporal in my shop).
That Corporal lives in an apartment complex, and he knew that he could not provide a good home for him, so he had found a buddy with a huge yard that wanted Dozer (a civilian).
That night, I came home and told Nick all about Dozer and how THAT was the kind of dog I wanted.
The more I told Nick about Dozer, the more I realized that I HAD to have him!
I called my Marine that night and asked him...begged him...for Dozer.
With a little bit of selling (thank you recruiter school), he decided that Dozer belonged in a home with Marines :-)
Saturday morning, he dropped off our new son.

I have never been more in love with a dog in my life...except my first of course (Lucky).
RIP baby boy

Dozer is an extremely sweet and gentle puppy that doesn't realize how big he is.
Him and Dannika have become BFF's already, and she has hardly left his side since we brought him home.
He's roughly 75lbs, and supposedly, he'll gain another 20-40lbs!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!

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