Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Anniversary My Love

Walking to the armory from Delta Range together

Short Separations

2200 homemade dinners in my car in the parking lot of the squadbays at MCRD

Whirlwind elopement in LAS VEGAS

Finding true friends

Arguments that end in laughter...even when we don't want to


Stunning 2 1/2 year old

0300 MEPS runs while 7+ months prego

Purchasing our first "home" in an area we thought we could never afford.

Trips to the ER

Reality TV

Newcastle and vodka

College football season...Gig 'em Aggies and Roll Tide Roll 

BBQ's with friends

Date nights in San Juan...Swallows Inn, Sundried Tomato, & El Adobe

LONG Separations on separate coasts

Trying our best to live our marriage through the Lord

I wish I could list more things that make our marriage so wonderful, but that would end up being a novel.

Thank you for the laughter and even the tears...
Thank you for showing me that I am strong when I feel my weakest...
Thank you for believing in me when I quit believing in myself...
Thank you for making me feel like your Queen...
Thank you for being a MAN that supports his family unselfishly...

Thank you....

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I appreciate every, single comment! Thanks for the love!