Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Memorial Day for the Books

*Warning: Picture Overload*

We were so thrilled when Nick told us that he was going to come home for the Memorial Day weekend!
I am so thankful that God had it in his plans to be together as a family this weekend.
Lord knows (hallelujah) that I needed it.
I was going through kind of a funk.
It all just kind of hit me at once that all my friends are moving away, getting stationed in other duty stations, and it FINALLY hit...
Nick was not going to be a part of our daily routine anymore.
I got a little bit of the "blues" I guess you can say.

I must say...
This was one of THE most memorable Memorial Day weekends that I have ever had!
Nick and I will be celebrating 4 years of marriage together this Thursday (May 31), and we decided to do something special for it this weekend.
On Saturday evening, we got a suite with an ocean view at the Laguna Cliffs Spa and Resort in Dana Point...
Just the two of us.
An evening of an amazing dinner, and cocktails in the hotel lounge.
Very low-key.
Very us...
We did meet a creepy old guy who kept hitting on me...but it made for an entertaining night, I suppose...lol

The view from our room
 Room service for breakfast
 No evening is complete without a "Myspace" style mirror pic.

Poor Nick...
The next day when we got home, he got deathly ill.
Thank God, it just a 24 hour bug thing.
Did I mention that Nick and I are "airborne-a-holics"?!
I swear by it.

Memorial Day was one to remember.
Well...for us at least.
I guess anyone else would have thought our Memorial Day was pretty boring.
We started our day at Home Depot to buy new flowers for my new garden :-)
We spent the majority of the morning working on it.

We spent the rest of the day grilling, talking about life, hanging out with Dannika, and playing with Dozer.
We got her a little blow up pool for our backyard, and made a makeshift water slide for her.
She pretty much played in it all day.
Nick and I just pulled up two lawn chairs next to her pool and put our feet in the water while we had some beers, and BBQ.
It was a little white trashy, but what can I say?
We avoided the crowds and the traffic.

Jalapenos stuffed with fat free cream cheese and low sodium bacon...yes...even when we grill out, we try and keep it low calorie.

The Love of my Life...cliche, but so true.

This is what happens when you let a 2 year old put sunscreen on your back.

And lastly...
Let us never forget what Memorial day is about.
And to all the fallen...
Thank you for letting me enjoy another long weekend with my family, and thank you for giving us that freedom to do so.

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  1. Looks like a perfect weekend, glad yall got to spend it together. And Happy Anniversary!


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