Sunday, May 13, 2012


I think it's safe to say that my mom and I don't agree on much.
We agree to disagree, and when we are together, I am guaranteed an argument of some sort over menial things.
I am a first generation American, and I was my parents' "guinea pig" when it came to parenting.
They tried to mix old school asian parenting with western parenting, and we all know those two cultures clash and mix about as well as water and oil.

the things that we do agree on are EXTREMELY important.

Here are 5 things....

1. Never let a white woman do your make up. They don't understand that asians have monolids. If you're asian and have ever gone to a make up counter to have your eye make up's a tramatic experience. You leave looking like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show.

2. Asian women are stereotypically short. You must always wear makes your legs look longer, and you look taller....even when working out. This is not a joke...I have actually witnessed my mom wears a low heel with jogging pants to take a walk around the block.

3. Iron your husband's pajamas and boxers. mom does this, and no I do not iron Nick's pajamas or boxers. In the asian culture, men and women don't show much affection through hugs and kisses. They show it through other ironing PJ's and boxers. I love that my mom does little things like that to show my dad that she cares. WHO THINKS OF IRONING BOXERS?!? I like to do little things for Nick to show him I hiding random letters and notes in his gear before he deploys. I love getting an email from him halfway through the deployment that he found one of the letters I wrote him in his grenade pouch. (And I am an EXTREMELY affectionate person unlike my mom and dad)

4. You'll never gain weight if you eat Korean food. Whenever I complain that I've gained a few pounds, my mom always has to chime in and add that if I cooked more Korean food, I wouldn't have that problem. I hate to admit it, but she is right. This is why most asian women tend to be tiny. The only carb they really consume is rice and EVERYTHING else is either steamed or, vegetables, lean name it. I just don't have the time to drive to the Korean grocery store all the time to do my grocery shopping.

5. Love God, and put everything in his hands. I don't really even have to explain this. My mom is one of the most God loving people I know and lives her life the way He wants her to. I strive to have that sort of relationship with him every day.

 My point is...

Even through all our rough times...
I love you, mom!
I love you for being EVERYTHING.
You have set the standard HIGH for mom's everywhere.

Look at how GORGEOUS she is!
 This photo was from my high school graduation.


  1. I am definitely for HIGH standards!!!
    you both look fabulous!

  2. Hang in there girlfriend! And I love your mom's advice, I feel like all of us ladies could take soe tips from that!


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