Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Time to Vent

I don't like to complain much....
ok...I lied...I actually love to complain (what woman doesn't, right?!?!).
The one thing though, that I do my best not to complain about are separations from Nick.
I've been in the Marine Corps long enough to know that it's just part of the life and no matter how much complaining and whining I do, it won't bring him home any sooner, and it won't take him off that deployment roster.
When Nick spontaneously came home almost 3 1/2 months early from this last deployment to Afghanistan, you would think that I would be jumping for joy.
It was the total opposite, cause the reason he was coming home was to leave a month later to the other side of the country for an AMAZING opportunity.
Nick was hand selected to teach future Officers of the Marine Corps and Navy for Boston University, Harvard, MIT, and Northeastern.
This billet would guarantee him 1stSgt if he were to be successful at it (if he does not get selected for the Warrant Officer program).

He left today to make the cross country drive to Quantico for training during the summer.

This last week, he worked TIRELESSLY (that's actually an understatement) to make sure that Dannika, Dozer, and I had a functional backyard to hang out in for the summer.

He landscaped our entire backyard, leveled it, broke up 2 tons of concrete with a sledgehammer (with the help of Sunny), built an entire deck, put up a brand new fence (with Sunny's help), built a flowerbed, and laid down turf in our yard in a matter of a week and a half. 
I know some contractors that take a month to do all that. 

In fact, one of the nights, he was working in the backyard till 9 in the evening. 

All this hard work, just for him to enjoy it one time. 

I guess I'm just super emo and sad because this is our first house.
My facebook status summed it up for me:

"I'm not really sad about the separation. We've been separated. I'm really more sad that this may be the last time that Nick gets to "live" in our house. This is the first house we ever bought together, and we've put SO much work and money into it. We brought Dannika home from the hospital to this house. This is our home, and last night after the yard was finished and we were sitting back there enjoying the evening, it was the first time that it truly felt like "home"...until last night, there were always things that needed to be done to the house and a lot of work that we procrastinated. That's what I'm really sad about."

I'm going to stay optimistic, lean on God (more), and pray non-stop.

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The REMODELED backyard..


  1. The backyard is beautiful and it is ok to be sad about him leaving and not building memories together in your house. It would be weird if you weren't thinking about it!

  2. Looks Amazing!!
    Love to add you on Fb! (Marcella Ramer)


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