Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nick and Fatherhood

I was doing my usual blog stalking today, and was reading all the really sweet and mushy things people were writing about their daddies, their baby daddies, and whoever else in their life they consider a father figure in their life.

In the past, I've always done the same, and last year's blog post was no different.

I could go on and on about how much I love Nick, and how I think he's a wonderful father (he really is!).
I could go on and on about how I think he's the ultimate "Super Dad", and I very well could go into the "my baby daddy can beat up your baby daddy" spiel....but I won't :-)

Most fathers know that being a first time dad is one nerve wracking task and an experience of a lifetime.
Let me just recap 3 short stories that come to mind when it comes to fatherhood and Nick.
(Don't worry babe....I won't be too brutal)

1. My labor and delivery was HORRIFIC. I am pretty sure Nick is traumatized for life from what he experienced and saw when I gave birth to my 8lbs devil angel. While I won't go into gory or graphic details, I'm pretty sure Nick (and the L&D staff) heard every bad word that could come out of my mouth, and he had the scratches and bruises on his arm from me to prove it.

2. His first time to ever really deal with a complete diaper blow out happened after he came home from Afghanistan the first time when Dannika was just over 1. Dannika had an explosion, and Nick had a bright idea that he would take her in the shower, undress her in there, lay her down on the cold tile (on top of her own poop)....ehh...just watch it here. Needless to say, it was painful and disgusting to watch.

3. Nick and I used to take turns taking Dannika to daycare in the morning so that one of us would be a few minutes late to work every other week. I went to go pick her up one afternoon on a day that Nick took her in. She was dressed in a hot pink dress with white polka dots and an orange collar with black leggings with silver horizontal stripes on them....all topped with her baby pink Mary Janes. I apologized profusely to Ms. Kathi about her lack of taste in wardrobe and made it a point to tell her that it was Nick that dressed her....not me. 

And to Nick...
No, you can not take Dannika to her homecoming dance and prom.
No, you can not chaperone on every date she ever goes on.
No, she will not go to school dressed in a zipped up parka and ski boots every single day.
No, you will not always be the only man in her life.

Yes, one day she will start wearing make up.
Yes, one day, she'll probably wear something that you disapprove of.
Yes, one day she'll probably tell you that you are ruining her life
Yes, you will have to walk her down the aisle one day and give her away to hopefully a man that is at least half the man you are.

With all that said, I know with your guidance and love, she will grow up to be a smart, charming, beautiful woman inside and out.

Happy Father's Day to my baby daddy.
Thank you for being the father that Dannika deserves.
Thank you for working so hard to give her the life that you want her to have.

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