Sunday, June 24, 2012

Taking Out the Trash

Dannika and I have an awesome Sunday routine when Nick is not around. 
* Wake up bright and early
* Go to breakfast (Dannika gets to have pancakes and chocolate milk)
* Make it to the early service at church
* Go straight to the grocery store to do our shopping for the week
* I work out while Dannika watches cartoons.
* Go outside and bathe the dog
* Take dog walk
* Laundry
* Cook the week's meals (this is pretty much an all day affair, and I am a slave to the kitchen for the majority of the day.)
* Relax..
By the time we get to's bedtime

It's funny because when Nick is home, Sundays never seem to be so busy.
I realized though, my Sundays have turned into a chaotic mess because during the week, when there are two people living here, things get done. 
We split chores.

No one likes having their spouse gone for extended periods of time (that is, if you are in a happy and fulfilling marriage!)
Any milspouse will agree that taking on the duties of mommy AND daddy can sometimes be a bit daunting.

Here are my Top 10 Things I hate doing when Nick is away.

10. Cleaning dog poop
Before we got Dozer, this was never an issue. Now it is. Have you seen how much a 100lbs dog can poop?!?! It's seriously like 2 or 3 pounds in ONE poop. I can't even use the normal doggie bags. I have to use grocery bags to throw away his poop. So sweet of Nick to get me a pooper scooper...(being TOTALLY sarcastic if you can't tell)

 9.  Dealing with grown up stuff like mortgage refinancing
Numbers, percentages, money (especially when it's dealing with refinancing hundreds of thousands of dollars), and dealing with banks are things that stress me out. 

8. Dropping off AND Picking up Dannika at daycare
I'm always a fashionably 30 minutes late to work because of Dannika's daycare. At least when Nick is here, we can switch off weeks on being fashionably late to work.

7. Getting my car washed
This was something Nick used to get done for me on Sundays as a surprise. He'd get it washed, and fill up my tank. Now my car just stays dirty till I can't stand it anymore. I also HATE when I start the car up on Monday morning to go to work and realize I have no gas. That sucks.

6. Going to church alone
I hate sitting alone, and it's always super awkward when it's time to greet people around you. It was just easier when Nick was with me. Then there's always that thought that people are thinking, "Poor girl. Her husband must not be a Christian, so she comes to church alone."

5. Cooking Dinner
I don't have as much motivation to cook fabulous meals when I'm cooking for just a 2 year old and me. 

4. Folding Laundry
I am so fortunate to be married to a man who willingly pitches in around the house. Folding laundry is my least favorite chore, and with that knowledge, Nick would always fold the laundry. I didn't mind folding laundry so much when we were doing it together, talking, and watching tv together.

3. Not sleeping in...ever
Anyone with a toddler knows that they never sleep in. During the weekday, I am up at 430am for work, and Dannika is woken up at 530. On a weekend, no matter how late I make her stay up, she is up at 630 (AT THE LATEST!).

2. Taking Dannika EVERYWHERE with me
There are days that I just wish, I could leave her at home with Nick so that I could just run to the store in peace and run a few quick errands. Dannika is extremely well-behaved, but getting her in and out of the car, clipped into her car seat, etc. is annoying when you have a ton of things to accomplish!         

1. Taking out the trash, and taking the trashcan out to the street on trash day. 
Look, I get that this may seem so menial, but I really hate it! In my world, it's a man's job...ahem...NICK's job. I hate opening the lid to the giant garbage can. I hate the smell. I hate carrying out giant bags of trash. I hate when my little trashcan in my kitchen gets so full that it takes an act of God to get pull the bag out without ripping it. I just hate it.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Sunday!
I had a great weekend, and a great sermon in church!
I am looking forward to the week and doing my daily devotionals!~

Enjoy some pics from my weekend!

I took Dannika with me to the hair salon. She was SO good for the ENTIRE 2 1/2 hours we were there. I really am a lucky mother of such a mellow and well behaved toddler!

The "do". I didn't do anything new to it....just got my roots redone, and a trim.

Before church

 Church parking lot. She was being such a ham.

There he handsome man....even with no hair :-)

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  1. Lol, we totally use grocery bags to pick up dog crap also. That's our idea of re-using them. And I totally laughed when I read the one about going to church alone. I swear I have spent most of our married life going to church by myself and have thought that very same thing MANY a time...


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