Saturday, August 18, 2012

ANOTHER Birthday Celebration

Dannika's friend Taj from preschool turned 4 this month, and his Super Hero birthday party was today at Dannika's preschool!
(Taj just happens to be Ms. Kathi's grandson)
Let me just say, we are completely pooped and exhausted beyond belief!
It was a party filled with pool time, pinata, a guest appearance from Spiderman, balloon sword fight, bubbles, cake, hot dogs....oh my gosh.....

We. Are. Pooped.

D and the Birthday boy

After a quick dip in Ms. Kathi's pool

D's "ugly cry face". Apparently, she was not ready to get out of the pool yet. Since Ms. Kathi's daycare is licensed, she has strict guidelines she has to follow with having a pool in her back yard. That's why the pool in fenced in within the back yard. The grass where D is standing is where the kids play in the sprinklers and have outside time during preschool. 

Most of the kids were scared of Spiderman when he showed up. Dannika was the only one who was super excited to meet him!

Throwing spider webs at the green goblin

Gettin' a sweet Spider tattoo

That's pretty sweet.

D and her friend Elise from school. I LOVE THIS BACKYARD!!!

Spiderman also taught them some sweet sword fighting skills

Spiderman pinata

Bye Spiderman! 

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