Thursday, August 23, 2012


No idea if the title of this blog is even a word, but it's the first thing that popped into my head.
Nick got in yesterday afternoon, and we've already done so much! 
I drove up to LA yesterday to pick him up from the dreaded LAX. Did I mention how much I HATE that airport? Oh, not to mention, I HATE the traffic. Did I ALSO mention, I hate the crazy PSYCHOTIC drivers lunatics in LA? 
After suffering several mild anxiety attacks on my drive, I made it just in time to meet Nick at the gate with a few minutes for me to spare. 
By this point, I really needed a glass of wine after the battlezone I had endured known as the I-405.
(Excuse the blurry picture)
I expected this dramatic welcoming (think "The Notebook") when I saw him coming from the terminal, but it was hardly anything close to it.
I'm so used to the nice atmosphere of the San Diego Airport and John Wayne Airport that when you compare LAX to the other two, it's like comparing Beverly Hills to Inglewood. 
Therefore, it's hardly a romantic setting to welcome home a loved one.
Either way, I was happy to have him home for a few days.
I made Nick drive back to the OC from LA (Praise Jesus for me!).
We stopped by at our favorite spot, The Sundried Tomato for a DELISH appetizer and a cocktail.
Now for the best part...
After we finished up our appetizers and drinks, we went to go surprise Dannika at her preschool.
She had no idea that Nick was going to come pick her up.
I think my excitement level would be comparable to the feeling of being 4 years old the night before Santa is supposed to arrive.
I'll just let you see for yourself, just how excited she was.

She is, without a doubt, daddy's little girl.
After the big surprise, Nick and I took Dannika out to dinner at our favorite sushi place in San Clemente (Tak-a-o). They're sushi is the best in the OC (in my professional asian sushi palate opinion). They're signature roll called the "Oh-no roll" is seriously perfection in a raw piece of fish and rice.
After dinner, we headed to Target to buy Dannika a new bicycle. We had church, but finished dinner a little early, so we had some time to kill.

*Just side note: Nick and I went to a lecture at our church by the famous Sean Mcdowell about "Shattering the Myths of Evolution". That is a WHOLE another blog post*

She has outgrown her tricycle for a few weeks now, but I really wanted Nick to be here and experience her "first bicycle moment" ( a parent, every little moment counts, right?). I wasn't about to take that kind of a special moment away from a father who bought her a bicycle helmet in Quantico that resembled a pony (this is before we even considered buying her an actual bicycle). (see below)
 This morning our family was up bright and early, and Nick and Dannika were outside at 0730 riding bikes.

I can't wait to tell y'all more about our time with Nick! 
Stay tuned!

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