Thursday, August 30, 2012

Whale Watching Adventures

It's crazy that all of this gorgeous shoreline and Pacific Ocean is just a 10 minute drive from our house or a long 7 mile jog/walk from our house through a back trail.
I guess living here for the last 10 years, I've taken it for granted that the beach is right at my fingertips.
I live in a place that people come from all over the world to vacation at!
I honestly hate the beach.
I hate sand...
Me and sand....
we just don't work well with eachother.

Yesterday, while D was in daycare, Nick and I decided to go on a "day date" and go whale watching.
I can't believe that we've been in Cali for 10 years now and have never gone whale watching!
It was really nice to just go out during the day, just the two of us, and enjoy the gorgeous weather, sunshine, and blue waters.
Not to mention, we saw some AMAZING sea life.

These are common dolphins. We boated our way through a school of them. They were so neat, so cute, and so loveable! They just swam right along next to the boat.

The Capt of the boat said that it is VERY rare that the blue whales ever come up to the surface of the ocean to feed. We got so lucky. We just happened to be out on a day when the krill (the food they eat) were all on the surface of the water. This meant the whales were just wading at the top of the water, and we got some amazing glances at them. In fact, the total count of whales we saw were 6! He said they have some years where they go all whale watching season without seeing a single blue whale. The sheer size of them is astonishing. I knew that blue whales are the biggest animals in the world, but the see them out in the wild like we did yesterday just made me truly appreciate the wonders of the ocean.

waving its' dorsal fin at us

blow hole

That little red boat in the far left of the pic was research boat. They were tagging the whales for research.

This flat shiny surface on the water is called a "whales footprint". When they dive down into the ocean, their tail fin causes this "mirage" on top of the water. So cool!

The trip was totally worth every penny, and I can not believe we never went sooner!
I highly recommend everyone go check it out!
It's whale watching season, and it's the perfect time to go!


  1. Jake and I went whale watching at Dana Point. So much fun! We saw dolphins and blue whales too. I personally love the beach but hate that I don't get to go that often. I want to move closer! I lived walking distance to the beach all my life so this actually feels far lol

  2. Ugh I hate sand and hubby hates the water so living 3 minutes from the beach is pointless to us.
    I do love the beauty of the ocean though. Glad you guys had a good time despite the tourists!


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