Thursday, September 13, 2012


I got my medical discharge paperwork today!
I will get a hefty severance paycheck and a check from the VA for the rest of my life.
For those of you who do not know, I've had a knee and hip issue for the last 6 years that started on my first deployment (that I chose to "suck up", which made it worse.). I had surgery, physical therapy, prescribed tons of pain pills, and was given injections that I had a violent allergic reaction to. Because of my injury, I can no longer run, stand for long periods of time (formation), and I have chronic pain.
I will find out the exact date of my honorable discharge from active duty in about 2 weeks, but it will be sometime at the end of November or beginning of December.

I am on cloud 9.
I'm anxious.
I'm nervous.
I'm excited.

My emotions are crazy!

I thought this day would never come, and I've been waiting impatiently for what seems like an eternity!
But now, after it all set it...

I am SO nervous.

This is the only life I've known for the last TEN years of my life.
This is the only life I've known since I graduated high school.
My life has consisted of deployments, spending tons of time away for training, structure, political incorrectness......

It's scary. 

I hope I survive in the civilian world as a "dependent". 

I can't wait to turn in my military ID for the cute little peach colored dependent ID card.

Aside from nervousness and anxiousness...
there are a few things I am SO excited about

I'm excited to be a housewife.
I'm excited to be a stay at home mom (well home more than I am now).
I'm excited to have a home cooked meal ready for my husband after a long day of work.
I'm excited to be able to do fun things with Dannika during the week.
I'm excited to finally be a family together again.
I'm excited to use my amazing benefits to finish college.

Lots of prayers needed for the next phase of our lives!



  1. I'm so happy for you guys! :) And peach sounds nice. I always thought of it as beige. haha

  2. So absolutely excited for you!! You will do great as "just a dependent!" ;)


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