Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall In Cali

California has been going through a heatwave recently.
The stereotypical, "It's always 75 degrees and sunny in SoCal" was far from true this last month.
I would leave work from the airstation on base, and it would be a "comfortable" 108 degrees.
Yes, you are not reading a typo. 
It was 108.
I'm blessed to have a/c, seeing as how most homes near the ocean here do not have a/c.
It has finally started to cool down these last few days, and we even got a few showers.
It is finally starting to feel a little like Fall....
ok, ok...
Not really FALL, but it's fall enough for me considering I live in sunny southern California.
Nick was telling me about how all the leaves were changing color in Boston, and I'm frankly quite excited to experience all 4 seasons.
 I've never lived anywhere that has all 4 seasons, so it'll be a new experience for me.

I decided to take some photos of Dannika outside in her Fall clothes since it was cool outside and snap some photos.
Ever since I got my new iPhone5, I've been severely neglecting my DSLR.

I lost over 1000 photos from this Summer cause I'm an idiot.
I am thankful for this blog that all my memories aren't completely lost!


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