Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Instagramming Away

I have been neglecting this blog due to this little app I downloaded a few weeks ago called Instagram.
My life is chronicled in filtered Instagrammed photos.
It's a cool way to let everyone know what you're up to without speaking, typing, or texting a single word.
So here's my life in Instagram.

 Dannika has become such a ham more of a ham than she already is lately. Every time she sees me pull my IPhone5 out, she's posing and asking me to "take a pictcha". When we move out to Boston, I am putting her in gymnastics and ballet. This girl seriously has some flexibility (due in part to her mild hip dysplasia).

I've been doing a ton of reflecting lately, largely in part due to the fact that I will be completing 10 years of honorable active service in the Marine Corps this year (today is actually my last full working day in the Marine Corps!). I can't believe some of the challenges I faced and overcame! I couldn't have done it without God and Nick. I found these two notes that came with flowers that Nick sent me, and they made me smile. Little notes of encouragement along with a bouquet of beautiful flowers can always make a girl smile.

 My girlfriend, Kim got Dannika a Hello Kitty pancake maker for her birthday this year. It has been a huge hit in our house! It's been such a hit, that it's become a sunday evening tradition. We have "breakfast for dinner". I've come up with a healthier alternative to regular pancakes. I use whole wheat pancake batter, put some corn kernels in it, and I top it with sliced bananas, sliced strawberries, and real maple syrup.

Dannika has also become quite the "fashionista". It's so crazy to me that a 3 year old could care so much about what she's wearing or how her hair is done. I was in a hurry one morning to take her to daycare, and I didn't have time to do her hair. I combed it really quick and tried to hurry her out of the house. That didn't fly. She had a full blown melt down in front of the mirror telling me through her muffled sobs that, "my hair is ugly mommy. I want a ponytail!" I took this picture on a Sunday. The first pic is how her hair looked before walking out the door and going to Sunday school. The second picture is what she did to her hair the minute we got home.  
 Her hair WAS in a cute ponytail. This is what she did to it as soon as we got in the car after picking her up from school.

I've always been a fitness and health FANATIC. In the last year or so, I couldn't really work out as much as I had used to due to my knee surgery. I finally feel "rehab'd" enough to start crossfitting and working out again. I wish I had a before picture, but this is just 3 weeks of starting intense work outs. Crossfit, tons of cardio, core work outs.  

 We officially have a home in Boston. Natick to be exact. It's a small suburb right outside the city. We have a basement!!!! This Texas girl has never had a home with a basement. I'm really excited about it. It's a 4 bedroom 3 1/2 bath home with a HUGE yard. I'm very excited to be moving out there!

 Nick bought me a new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport! I've owned a Jeep in the past, and it is the ONLY vehicle (out of the 7 vehicles I have owned) that I can never stop talking about. Since I will not be able to afford the payments on my Mercedes, I will be getting rid of it, and going "home" to Massachusetts to this beautiful baby. I'm very excited!

Monsieur Dozer. You're a pain in my side.

 I have been extremely impressed by Dannika's motor skills. When she draws me pictures, they actually look like something other than a rainbow colored tornado. The first picture she drew, she told me she drew a "friend". The second picture she drew, she claimed was "daddy". I did not help her with these drawings at all! It's crazy! (Notice she even drew necks on them?!? Such attention to detail)

I do my core work outs in my living room, and Dannika always wants to join in. Fitness is a family affair in the Romer household!

Another "mommy, take a 'pictcha' of me" moment.

Dannika has been learning so much in Sunday school. It's amazing how God works in children. She comes home from church on Sundays talking non-stop about Jesus. Her current favorite songs from Sunday school are "Deep and Wide" and "Jesus Loves the Little Children" (complete with sign language)

My last day of work is TODAY! My official last day of active service is November 29, but I will start my terminal leave tomorrow. My parents sent me a little congratulatory edible arrangements. 

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