Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Texts Between the Romers

I don't care what any of the "nay sayers" say about technology and how it is turning people into socially awkward citizens of society.
I am a firm believer in social media, tweeting, texting, instagramming, and whatever else there is out there to keep us connected.
For me, being in the military and constantly seeing friends EAS, PCS, deploy, go on TAD, or wherever else Uncle Sam sends you, it's rather difficult to constantly keep up with everyone.
Sometimes facebook and text messaging are the greatest (and sometimes only) ways for me to keep in touch with my friends and see what is going on in their lives.
And yes, an occasional phone call is a must (something that I need to work on).
Naturally, with Nick and I being separated, we tend to text a lot throughout the day.
I love texting.
I don't know how I went about life without it. 
I love that you can do it on the go, and I love the simplicity of it.
I love that I can be sitting in a class or a meeting and discreetly communicate with someone without having to step out of the room to make or take a phone call.

There are some things I think should be not be sent via text.
Just a few examples of "texting no no's"
*the first "I love you"
*breaking up
*arguments/disagreements (which I am guilty of)

Usually, the texts between Nick and I are pretty casual and sincere.
We usually throw in an occasional random "I love you", or if something funny or interesting happens, we'll text it to each other.
Most of our serious and deep conversations are done either in person or actual phone call, but I love how we can stay connected throughout the day via text messaging.
It's no secret that communication is a valuable ingredient for any successful marriage (or relationship), and even if it means texting little things to your significant other throughout our hectic and chaotic lives, it lets the other person know that you're on their mind.

There are some conversations that Nick and I have had via texting that when I go back and look at it, it makes me laugh.
I normally take a screen shot of these conversations on my "iPhone5", and post it on my facebook, instagram, and twitter.
People get a kick out of them.

Sometimes, we just send pictures of ourselves to each other.

If you're a "non-Marine" type, you may find this more humorous. Oftentimes, our conversations end in on of us telling the other "Kill", and naturally, the response is "Bodies". Only a Marine couple would do this and find it totally normal.

It's no shocking revelation that our poor daughter's hair is growing rather S-L-O-W-L-Y. She's 3 and it still feels like newborn hair. When she was younger, Nick would hold her in her arms and "graze" over her hair with his lips cause her hair is so soft.

I love little 'love messages' from him. (Ladies, if your man has never said things like this to your face, but does it over a text...theres a problem).

Silly 'love messages' are cute and flirty. 

Now that I am officially out of the Corps, Nick makes it a point to remind me that I am a 'civilian'.

We were having a conversation about Lance Armstrong losing his titles. I told him that I stuck by Lance, and I thought it was cause the French just hate us (lol). Nick was a HUGE Hulk Hogan fan as a child, and when he went to the NWO, it was devastating to little Nick. I guess Lance being stripped of his titles had the same affect on Nick..................even thought he's NEVER watched the Tour de France...silly.

Communication is important whether it's via text, facebook, twitter, or whatever else you choose.
Just don't forget it's just as important if not more to get in the face of someone to have a genuine conversation.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog today! I'm looking forward to reading yours! I had a friend who moved from So Cal to Boston a couple years back. It was a huge change, but she definitely found things about Boston that she loved!

  2. Found your blog via Heather...I agree that social media makes the distance seem not too far...cute text convos!


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