Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Your Roots Are in Texas, Child


If you're not from Texas, this phrase probably sounds funny and awkward.
In reality, it's actually not a common phrase anymore in Texas unless you're from my hometown of College Station, Texas (aka Aggieland)!
It's an Aggie tradition to greet everyone with a cheerful "Howdy", and I like to think that when an Aggie tells me "Howdy" when I go back home, it's a term of endearment and makes me feel welcome.
Believe it or not, the beloved state of Texas (that is the butt end of every redneck, farmer, hick joke in the world) is pretty civilized! (insert laugh)

I'm very proud of where I come from, and I'm sure everyone who's ever known or met a Texan can tell you the same.

We are just proud people.

I never truly appreciated "the south" until I joined the Marine Corps, moved to California, and started working with Marines from all over the country.

The words "thank you", "please", "ma'am", and "darlin" became an anomaly.
The idea of "ladies first", "opening doors", and just general southern hospitality became non existent in my world.
I was shocked that the rest of the country hadn't adopted the "good ole" Texas culture.
I guess in a way I was naive.
I'm a woman rooted and raised with traditional, "bible-beltin", southern morals and values.
Moving out the California alone as a wide eyed, 18 year old PFC in the Marine Corps was a challenge in itself, but realizing that people weren't as friendly out here as in my comforting home state was a complete shock to me.

I've been in California for 10 years now, and while I have met people from all walks of life whom I've grown extremely fond of, there's something about a southern gentlemen or a southern girl that will always keep my heart in Texas.
(I married a southern gentleman from Alabama, in fact)

Even though my daughter was born in California, I want her to be raised with the same southern morals and values that I was raised with.
Nick and I eventually plan on settling down in Texas when we are done with this life called the Marine Corps.

In my heart, my daughter was born to southern parents, therefore her roots are in Texas....

You're never a true southern girl without a pair of authentic cowboy boots.
Here are some pics of Miss D with her first pair of Ropers.


  1. It's so interesting to read this, because for me, growing up in California, I felt that people in my hometown were a lot more friendly than many of those I've have encountered since moving here to Washington DC. One of the things I miss most is good customer service, which people here just don't seem to understand!

  2. @Heather

    That's exactly what my husband has said of Boston! He's not used to the harsh New England attitude just yet. I think he's in shock!

  3. She is so happy with those boots on!

  4. Amen! We are in California right now too, and I love when I meet fellow Texans - especially other Aggies (Gig 'Em!). My kids love going back to Texas, and although I love the life the military has given us, I do miss Texas too!

  5. I am with you! We didn't like that about moving to Cali either (from a small town in NC). I definitely want to settle in the south when we are done with the military.


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