Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day 2012

People who know me know who I've voted for already.
I've made it a point to keep my political views off of Facebook.
I've learned over the years that Facebook people are very unforgiving when it comes to differing political views, and no matter what I post in my newsfeed about who or what I support, it will not change anyone's mind to agree with my point of view.
I think I posted one word and a hash tag once, and I got some serious hate mail.
I have friends that are both Republicans and Democrats, and I hate how immature and hateful they can be towards eachother during an election season.
I never bash anyone with a different opinion than me.
I feel that as Marines, we defend the right to have differing opinions, and bashing someone for having different beliefs and opinions is a bit hypocritical on our part as defenders of the constitution.

A good friend of mine wrote on her Facebook this morning that it is your right to vote OR NOT to vote, and we shouldn't let anyone make us feel bad about it. They've had the last few months to make you feel bad.
I couldn't agree more. 

Whether you vote or don't vote, the one thing we should all try and do is come together as a nation.
I loved how patriotic we became after the 9/11 attacks, and I loved how we became ONE as a nation regardless of beliefs or political views.
Why does a tragedy like that have to happen for us to become "One nation under God"?
In the end, it is not about the Republican plan or the Democratic plan, it's about God's plan, and all we can do is pray that whoever gets elected, God will guide them in the path that He wants our country to go.

I did post some of my political views on Instagram.
For whatever reason, people are way nicer on there.
So if you're that curious to know who I voted for, just find me on Instagram!
If you're going to post something hateful though, please just "unfollow" me or don't even bother.

Happy Election Day, Y'all!


  1. I don't get why people have to be so mean about it. I am simply grateful that we all have a voice!


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