Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Of course I had to do a post on 12-12-12!

Christmas has always been a crazy time of year for me.
Mainly it's been with Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, more Christmas shopping, sending Christmas cards, more Christmas shopping, decorating, and everything in between.
Toss that in with a full time job, Christmas was more stressful than a time of year to enjoy with family.
This year is WAY different.
I think the fact that I don't have an overabundance of cash to throw around at the department store (which is actually a blessing in disguise), and the fact that I am still trying to get used to being a stay at home mom has a lot to do with it. 
I have focused a lot more of my attention and efforts on being a "housewife".
I'm really enjoying this aspect of my new life.

I am having a little bit of issue with my pride still when it comes to not being financially independent.

Nick and I had a conversation last night after a mini break down that I had about not having a job.
I loved when he told me that even when I had a job, it was always "our" money.
But I've had swallow my pride a little bit to going from making almost equal pay to my husband to not making anything at all.
I've always known that motherhood was a thankless job.
People always knew me as the female Marine.
Compliments weren't always, "Wow! You're doing such a great job being a mother!"
They were more like, "Wow! You're a Marine?!"
It kinda sucks to not have that sort of confirmation (to put it bluntly).

Maybe I'll never FULLY accept my new life and regain that part of my pride, but in the meantime, I am loving all the extra time at home with Dannika.
I am loving cooking dinner every night for my husband.
I am loving waking up to have coffee with my husband before he goes to work (then going BACK to bed after he leaves).
I am loving pinterest projects.
 Here are some updated photos from my new life :-)
All of them taken on my iPhone

Our very first Gingerbread house ever! I can't believe we never made one in the past! It was so fun!

A cool perk that comes with Nick's job is all these cool soirees he gets invited to. I love getting all dressed up and being his arm candy :-) A few weekends ago, Nick was invited to attend the Sea Services Ball.
 Navy Capt Mary Jo Majors from the Vietnam Nurse Corps.

We have finally ALMOST completed D's bedroom. I'm very happy with how it is turning out :-)

 A Pinterest Santa project

Master bedroom. It is slowly coming together.

Nick putting shelves up in D's room

I normally have a way fancier centerpiece for Christmas, but TMO ruined that on our move (blah!)

Hooked on Phonics

Loving the time we get to spend together!!!


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  1. I am sure it is a tough transition. I couldn't imagine coming out of the military to motherhood, but when we moved here, it was the first time I didn't work as a teacher and it was really difficult being in a thankless position. It does get better though! Looks like yall have been having fun!


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