Friday, December 21, 2012

Acts of Kindness


The "Mayan Apocalypse" failed to happen.
I thought it was funny how people were getting all freaked out about it.
I'm not gonna lie, all the hype with 12-21-12 sometimes had ME second guessing myself...just bein' honest!
We all know that only HE knows when the REAL "apocalypse" will happen.

Now that D is old enough to comprehend general concepts, I really wanted to emphasize what CHRISTmas is REALLY about.
She has plenty of gifts under our Christmas tree from "Santa", us, family, and friends, but I want her to understand that it's not about the gifts.
I've been doing a lot of talking about Christmas, and how it is a time to celebrate Jesus' birthday by showing others love, compassion, and humility.

For the last few weeks, there has been a ton of ruckus and noise during the day behind my house.
There is a new house being built, and it's been quite a pain to start hearing construction at "zero dark thirty" in the morning.
This morning, we woke up to a freezing and hailing New England day.
It was one of those days that we decided we wanted to just sit at home in our jammies and not go outside.
I looked outside my backyard in my cozy home, in my cozy jammies, and my hot cup of coffee.
There they were.
The construction guys.
In the freezing, raining, hailing weather working so hard.
I looked over at Nick and suggested we go to Dunkin Donuts and get them a "box of joe".
I'm sure on his first day off of work, the last thing he wanted to do on a cold and rainy day was leave the comfort of our home.
He gave me a funny look and asked, "Why?"
I reminded him about Christmas, and how I was teaching Dannika random acts of kindness.
It didn't take much convincing, and we were out the door to go to DD to get some "joe" for the construction workers.

I know at first, Nick felt inconvenienced to do this random act of kindness on a crappy weather day, AND it was his first day off of work.
His attitude totally changed when I made him take the coffee to the guys.
He came back in with a smile, and told me how thankful they were and how surprised they looked that a stranger would do something for them.

Last year, D and I bought a 20 dollar gift card for our favorite grocery checker at Von's, and ever since that day, she became one of our friends.

Random acts of kindness.
Who knows what can come out of it?
A new friend?
Maybe just a good feeling that you made someone's day?

In the end, that's what Jesus was about.
Doing good things for other people without judgment or hesitation.
What a wonderful world we would live in if EVERYONE lived as He did.

And here is D's annual Santa picture :-)

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