Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Everyone seems to be doing their "Year in Review" blog posts.
I guess it's my turn, right?

This time, last year, I was sitting here in our home, feeling pregnant, but not even sure if I really was.
I wanted to hold off on a pregnancy test until the New Year. 
Call it denial.
We hadn't found a home church yet, and Massachusetts wasn't feeling so "homey" to us.
I was missing my friends in California terribly, and I was resentful that the Marine Corps had sent our family here of all places.

Fast forward to today, and Massachusetts feels a lot more "homier" than it did last year.
We have a home church that we absolutely LOVE.
And while we still miss our friends in California, it's nothing that a little social media, Facetime, and a phone call hasn't fixed. 
While I don't think Massachusetts will be on the top of our list of places to settle down when we are done with the Corps, we are thankful for the opportunity to get to experience life in this part of the country.
It truly has been an adventure!

God has blessed us incredibly this year with everything.
The biggest blessing being our son.
It's hard to believe that we started the year as a family of 3, and we are ending as a family of 4.
Who woulda thought?!

So with that, I leave you our annual family album.
I make a "year in review" photo album on Shutterfly every year.
Enjoy, and see y'all in 2014!



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  1. Awwww, I loved looking at all your family photos. Here's to an awesome new year!

  2. Great idea to make a yearly family photo album. How fun to look back on all the years! have a great evening and Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year!!! Your photo album was so cute.

  4. Happy New Year! I love the album. When I lived in New England, I always loved traveling to Boston ... but now that I've lived somewhere warmer, I don't know that I could handle the winters anymore! Its funny has quickly you forget things like that!


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