Friday, January 10, 2014

Disney on Ice: Passport to Adventure

Last year for Valentine's Day, Nick got Dannika tickets to Disney on Ice at TD Garden in Boston.
It was a big hit for the whole family, so this year, she got Disney on Ice tickets again as a stocking stuffer.
This year it was at Agannis Arena on campus at Boston University.
If you've never been to a Disney on Ice production, they have several different themes.
Last year, we went the the "Rockin' Ever After" show, and the entire show was based on a select few Disney movies tied together to old school rock and roll type music.
This year, we went the "Passport to Adventure" show, and the show was based on taking a trip around the world based on different Disney movies.
I highly recommend this show if you have children over the age of 4.
Last year, Dannika was only 3, and while she had a great time, the show is fairly long, and by intermission, she was really fidgety and had lost a little bit of interest.
This year, she was completely engaged through the entire show.

Of course she insisted on wearing her princess dress to the show.
Since it was frigid outside, I convinced her to wear a long sleeved and tights underneath her dress.

Thank God that we purchased the overpriced 26 dollar light up wand LAST year, so we just took it with us this year.
Even though she had one, she even asked us to buy her another one.
Uh, no.

If you have young kids and you are going to this show, I HIGHLY recommend spending the extra bucks to get VIP seating.
I think the experience is way better for them to be up close and personal to the ice.
They can clearly see all the characters and what is going on.
Also, you don't have to worry about not being able to see over the person sitting in front of you.

Overpriced, tastless sno cones in a cheap plastic "stein"....check.
We also bought overpriced 12 dollar popcorn and 12 dollar cotton candy.

Hanging out before the show.
We got there super early, so we had some time to grab all our snacks and treats.

 I feel like now that we have gone two years in a row, it's officially a tradition.
It was a ton of fun, and if they come to your area, it's a must see!


  1. I was this close to buying my boys tickets to go see this. But then Boston can be such a hassle sometimes, so we did other stuff during vacation week.

  2. Fun! My daughter LOVES Disney on Ice. We also took our light up thingy that we bought the first time because I wasn't going to shell out money on another. We also got slushies! And cotton candy.

  3. Oh how FUN! I went to a Disney on Ice (I think it was the same one) last fall with a friend. It was so sweet to see all the little girls dressed in princess outfits! So fun. I wanted to go to the Rockn Rol Ever After (something like that) show but we didn't make it.. Bummer! My goal is to go to ALL Disney on Ice shows!! Can't wait till the next tour.


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