Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Just a Woman In Love With Her Man

This isn't a cheesy post detailing my love affair with my husband.
Those can get annoying to some folks, although I am guilty of talking about my love affair with him every once in a while.
I actually enjoy reading everyone's love stories and marriage stories.
In fact, when I start reading a new blog, the first thing I search for is an "About Me" section about the blogger in hopes that they detailed some aspect of their love life.
I guess I'm just a hopeless romantic when it comes to things like that.
I guess that's why I love shows like "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette".
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the absolutely over the top dates where they go on helicopter rides to exotic places, and have private dinner dates with famous singers serenading them in the middle of a bridge. 
It's a fairytale.
I admit that my favorite Bachelor so far is the current one, Juan Pablo.
He's my favorite because he's so dashing, charming, handsome, and he has a spicy Spanish accent.
Of course, he doesn't hold a candle to my dashing husband.
As I watch these episodes, I genuinely hope that these strangers on my TV find love.
Statistically, the relationships fall apart after the glitzy dates are gone, but it makes me happy to see that SOME of the couples have made it work (so far).
Deep in my heart, I feel that everyone deserves to feel the type of love that I feel every single day.
Here's my cliche comment of the day....
"The world would be a better place if everyone were in love."

There are days that my husband irritates me.
There are days that I am jealous of his career.
There are days when I just want to be alone without him.
There are days when I shake my head and realize that men really ARE different than women.


The good days FAR outnumber the bad days.
I don't like to say that we really fight.
We bicker about little things.
But bickering is a part of our communication process, and because we bicker, I feel that nothing builds up and explodes (turning into a blow out fight).
I can remember a handful of significantly serious arguments that we've had, but at the end of the day, we got through them together.

I watched Sean and Catherine's wedding on Sunday.
If you aren't familiar with the Bachelor series, Sean was the last bachelor, and Catherine was the woman he chose.
Their wedding was televised on ABC.
His father (who is a pastor) officiated their wedding, and the one thing that stuck out in my mind was when he said (not an EXACT quote), "Love God first, and you will love each other more."

I absolutely believe that, and it's a principle that we try to build our marriage on.
I feel like the more I love God, and the closer I get to Him, He just continues to bless my marriage more and more each day.
And with a blessed marriage comes blessed parenting.
I love that we share the same values and principles when it comes to raising our children.
I think that's important for two people raising a child to be on the same sheet of music.

God first + Marriage second + Children third = Healthy Marriage.

Oh, and did I mention I love Valentine's Day?!?
I'm so excited for it!
I love love, and I love that there's a day to celebrate love!

This was back in a day when I wasn't worried about aging or skin cancer....

Love this guy!

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