Thursday, January 16, 2014

Love Yourself

Thank you to everyone for all the compliments about my post pregnancy weight loss.
I still have a little ways to go before everything is tight again, but I'm in no hurry.
I know things like skin tightening back up just takes time and there is no magic potion (except plastic surgery) to do that.
I had several ladies email me and ask me how I've been losing weight, and what I've been doing to make it come off so fast.
So I thought I'd address something.

I haven't done anything different than how I've been normally living my life!
I wasn't on a "diet".
I've always been into healthy cooking, and I've always been good about making wise choices when it comes to what I put in my body. 
I also work out and run 5-6 times a week.
I ate this way and worked out this way before I was pregnant and throughout my whole pregnancy.
If y'all remember, I was on the treadmill at the gym running 3-4 miles at 7 months pregnant!
After I had the baby, there were no "major changes" I had to make in my life.
If anything, I eat more calories because I am breastfeeding, and the most important thing to me is feeding my son.
But you bet your ass that every calorie that I eat counts!
Would I rather have 200 empty calories that won't do crap for my milk supply or 200 calories of good nutrients that are going to help my son grow strong and healthy?

Also, what I am doing may not work for you!
You have to know your body. 
For instance,  I don't eat breads, pastas, and starches because those are the foods that make me gain weight.
Some people can eat carbs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and not gain a pound, but as soon as they eat a steak, they've gained 10!
It's all about knowing yourself and your body.

I just want to leave women with this piece of advice.
Quit obsessing over getting back to your post baby body.
Weight will come off eventually, but your baby won't get smaller.
Eat healthy, exercise (when your body is healed and ready), track your progress (I did it through taking selfies of myself each week), and enjoy your baby.

Y'all are all beautiful, and the one thing that we can do that men will never do is give birth to a life.

Enjoy it.
And whether it takes you 4 months or 2 years to "get back", let the world know!
You deserve every. bit. of. praise. 


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  1. I count my calories, too. That is why I don't drink. It's a huge waste of calories and honestly, if I am gonna splurge - I am going for the cheesecake, not the wine.


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