Friday, January 24, 2014

Missing My "Boos"

By "boos", I mean my husband and my best friend.
I feel like I've become a total "weak sauce" when it comes to separations.
I mean seriously...
My husband has only been gone for like 3 weeks, and he came home last weekend to visit us.
This is coming from the girl who survived 2 deployments, and a nearly year long separation from my husband.
And yet, I totally find myself really lonely and hardcore missing my husband.
I think being a stay at home mom adds to that.
The last few times we have been separated, I had a job to keep me busy and gainfully employed and a child to take care of afterwards.
Now, I'm just home with two kids ALL. DAY. LONG.
It gets extremely monotonous.
I'm also living in a place where winter turns me into a complete hermit.
My best friend lives in California.
While texting back and forth with her today, I told her that I missed her out of the blue.
I genuinely really really really really missed her!
I told her I have lots of friends (more like acquaintances) here in Massachusetts, but no one I can really just call and say, "Hey, my kids are being crazy. I'm bringing myself, my crazy kids, and a bottle of wine over to your house....right now."
And I would be gladly welcomed. 
Actually, I would probably just show up at her house unannounced, and it'd be fine.
If I invited myself over to any of my friends (term used loosely) house here, they'd probably think I was rude...or crazy (maybe a little of both).
Moving here has truly made me realize how hard it is to find those life long friends that you can just invite yourself over to their house for no reason.
Those friends that you can cause total jackassery together.
Those friends that have seen you at your worst, and the ones that will never ever judge you.
And if they do judge you, they tell you to your face.

Every military wife needs a friend like my best friend for when our husbands are away.

Random pics.
Preschool drop off. It's been chilly here!

Starbucks date after preschool today. We got strawberries and cream fraps, a caramel flan latte, two cake pops, and lots of smiles!

My son was ridiculously whiney today. Life is so tough when you're only 5 months old (almost 5 months old).

Yes, my bumbo is on the counter. Yes, I know it is not recommended and it's dangerous. In my defense, I feed him on my counter, so I am in front of his face the entire time. No judging.

We had our first sibling accident. My daughter dropped a toy on his head hence the red bruise above his eye brow. Poor little guy.

I am very impressed by my 4 year old's art skills. This is a picture of a shark eating a jelly fish that she drew. 

Hope everyone has a fab weekend.


  1. Its definitely the monotony, I think. When M was stationed two hours away and we only were together on the weekends, I was working and getting out to do things. Now, hes home every night, but he's working 12 hour shifts and honestly?! The time goes by SO SLOW when he's not in the house. Because its the same old routine! Props to you for getting through weeks! You got this!

  2. Ugh!! I feel ya. My best friend lives in Vegas and it's the same way, I could show up at 3 am with all my kids and she would welcome us with open arms. I have all acquaintances up here in AK, and none of them are military wives, so they can't relate when Chris is gone for weeks on end. He is leaving for the field coming up and I am dreading how bored I will be. I need someone to be crazy with! Haha


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