Saturday, January 25, 2014

My "Babaloo" is 5 Months Old!

Holy Cow!
My "babaloo" is almost half a year old today!
I started calling him "boo boo" when he was a newborn, and it just turned into "babaloo" (like from "I Love Lucy").
It's an endearing nickname, in my
I woke up this morning to take his monthly photo, and I was amazed that he was practically sitting up on his own with no assistance.
It's such a huge change from last month's photo when he was still relying on the couch to prop himself up!

Things he's doing this month:
*We started solids two weeks ago! He loves ALL of it. Homemade brown rice cereal, apples, bananas, peas, and sweet potatoes! We'll be trying carrots in the next week!
*Roll over from front to back and back to front again
*Bedtime is at 1930 (730pm for you non military types) and pretty much sleeps all through the night until 7 or 8 in the morn! Both my kids are great night time sleepers!
*Loooooves his Baby Einstein jumper, and will play in it for an hour if his sister is entertaining him.
*Still so ticklish under his armpits and his belly.
*Obsessed with his feet. He loves to look at them, play with them, and he loves it when someone else touches them!

And lastly, he is such a mama's boy, and looooves his mama :-)

I can walk into a room, and his attention is automatically diverted to me.
He carefully examines my every move, and anticipates my next move.
I love when he realizes I am coming towards him to pick him up, he starts kicking and smiling at me!

Such a big boy!
I seriously can't believe it's almost been half a year since he was born!


  1. He is so darn cute! I can't believe it's been 5 months already!

  2. He is adorable. I love that shirt or sticker. I love that it is a tie.

    1. thank you! It's a sticker I found on etsy!!! I have them for the whole year!


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