Sunday, January 19, 2014

Super Dad

I think the hardest part of military life is watching your children grow up and experience new things when daddy (or mommy) is away for military commitments, whether it be deployments or training.
I love getting to share the experience of raising our kids together with my husband.
Unfortunately, because of his line of work, he misses out on a lot.
It makes me sad to say that he's been gone almost 50% of our daughter's life due to deployments, training, and separations.
I know a lot of military families can relate to that!

My daughter started dance the first weekend after my husband left for an 8 week long school in Virginia.
He was sad that he missed her first dance class, and like many other milestones in her life, he got to experience it via FaceTime and photos I posted on social media.
When he realized that he had a 3 day weekend for Martin Luther King Day, he jumped on the chance to buy a plane ticket to fly home for the weekend to watch our daughter dance.
I think that's what makes my husband such an incredible father is the fact that if it is in his power, he will stop at nothing to be somewhere for our children.
Dannika was so excited, and could not stop talking about how she couldn't wait for daddy to see her dance!
Remember in this post when I talked about trying to get my daughter's thin, wispy hair into a bun?
I think we got better at it this week!

Working on her arabesques

 Even though the last two weeks have been fairly uneventful for me, I forgot how nice it is to have a second set of hands around the house.
I get so into a routine when I'm solo parenting because I have to do everything on my own.
Routine is key to my sanity, and I hate veering away from it.
 I almost forget that when hubby is around, I can actually enjoy my coffee in peace and quiet while he takes care of the kids.
I don't have to stand in the kitchen while making breakfast for my daughter, wearing my son, and chugging my coffee down my throat.

Lucky for my husband, he made it just in time for some snow!! haha!

Y'all know that I don't go out in the snow, so Dannika was particularly excited that daddy was home to play outside in the snow with her!

So hubby leaves tomorrow again, and all the excitement that's been buzzing around our house will die down.
I'll go back to my solo parenting routine, and patiently wait until next month when he comes home.


  1. Awww, I am glad he was able to come home - I thought he was going to be away the entire time.

    1. thanks! I thought so too! Then we realized there were a few 3 days weekends throughout the 8 weeks!

  2. How great that he got to come home for the weekend! And what an awesome dad for making Dannika feel so special!

  3. How special that he was able to make it home for a weekend! Such a great dad!

  4. I'm so glad he was able to make it home. And *squeals* I so love little kids in tutus! So precious.

  5. She is so dang cute in her outfit! So special he was able to make it home :)

  6. That is so awesome that he got to come home!! I am sure the break for your sanity was needed :)

  7. I love all the sweet pictures! I am doing a giveaway today and would love if you would stop by and check it out!


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