Sunday, February 23, 2014

Germs, Crowds, Gross Food

I never knew so much sass could be in such a little body.
I asked her if I could take a quick photo of her on my phone, and this is what she gave me...
 Eat your heart out, Tyra Banks.
She can "smeyes" better than you!
I am totally in love with this outfit, and her little cowgirl boots are Jessica Simpson.
I didn't even know J. Simpson made children's shoes!
This could be dangerous to my bank account....
I've seen several mommy bloggers post about their love/hate relationship with Chuck E. Cheese.
I hate it.
My parents never took me there as a kid, and as a parent, I TOTALLY get why now.
You win, mom and win.
Just a Few Things I hate about it:
* The place is germy, and let me tell you, I am the farthest thing from a "germ a phobe" there is.
* There are unsupervised kids running around...EVERY. WHERE. 

* Gross, greasy food. 

These are just a FEW things.
But because we live in a place where we can't take the kids outside to play all year round, sometimes, it's one of the few places you can take your kids for some indoor fun.
So when Dannika got an invite to a birthday party there for a classmate, I cringed at the thought of taking her.
She was soooo excited to get an invite though, so I knew we'd be headed there. 
 She had so much fun, and despite the "ick" factor of that place, I loved seeing her smile and have such a blast.
It made it ten times more fun because pretty much her entire preschool class was there.
It was nice to finally put some faces to the names of her classmates that she is always talking about.
I'm not one of those parents that are overly involved in her preschool. 
I don't volunteer or really make an effort to go inside to pick her up. 
I go through the drop off/pick up line.
Look, I send my kid to preschool, cause I need that time to myself!
I don't need to be volunteering my childless time at her school!
I only know the face of maybe 3 of her classmates, and that's because they're her "best friends".

That smile is so worth it.

Barney isn't even on TV anymore, but she knows who he is?
I don't know, but she thinks he's great.
And this photo of yours truly was a hot topic on my Facebook page yesterday.
Apparently, there's a lot of Dallas Cowboys haters out there.
Seriously though, I've been a loyal fan for almost 2 decades now.
Do you really think your opinion of MY team is going to make me say...
"You're right. The Cowboys suck. So I'm going to change my allegiance to YOUR team."
And to me, they'll always be the original "America's Team".

Happy Sunday!


  1. Chuck E Cheese is gross, but my kids love it there, too. You NEED lots of sanitizer when you go to those places.

  2. My daughter is having her birthday party at Chuck E Cheese next month. She insisted. It scares me too but as you said, the smiles make it worth it. I love the pizza though. I stuff my face with it.

    However, on the party invitations I added, "if Chuck E Cheese scares you, you can drop off your child.." I was worried some parents would be like, "Eep, chuck e cheese, not going there!"


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