Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jumbled Randomness

Thank you for all the kind thoughts, words, and prayers for my son!
With profuse sweating, I redressed his wound for the first time by myself today, and I must say that it's healing nicely!
He doesn't cry anymore when the bandages come off, so that means it doesn't hurt!
And based on the look on his face...
I'd say he's going to be alright!

This is our LAST weekend as just a family of 3!
My husband graduates next week and comes home!
I'm so excited!

Work out update.
I can now fit in all my old clothes. 
I usually lose a lot of weight when hubby leaves though (because I tend to work out a lot more to fill the extra time that I have).
I'm expecting to gain 5lbs back when he comes home, which is cool.
I always say that it's good to have a 5-10lbs of weight that you can gain or lose and you're comfortable with it. 
Again, I have a small frame, so 10lbs is a lot, but I have 5lbs that I can play with.
I have been really into drinking infused water when I work out.
I don't like sugary anything, but water gets boring, so I like to spruce it up.
My favorite lately is water with English cucumber, lemon, and a sprig of fresh rosemary.
It's SO refreshing, and it makes it feel like Spring time (until I look out the window and see a pile of snow on our deck...ew).

And lastly, because I can't leave a photo of my precious daughter out of this post...
Here's a "selfie" she took with my phone...

Happy Saturday, everyone!


  1. So glad little man in feeling better! His happy face is adorable!!! :) <3

    1. His happy face is definitely way better than what we dealt with earlier in the week! Thank you!

  2. Yay! So glad he is doing better! Such a cutie!!!

  3. That is amazing he is healing so fast!! How awesome! And infused water...I think I'll be giving that a try :)

    1. There's a ton of different kinds of things you can add to water to spruce it up on Pinterest!


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