Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Just One of Those Days

Today's been a "blah" kind of day.
I looked at the weather forecast (as I do every day), and saw that we have another Winter storm headed our way on Thursday.
I've been here long enough to "get over it", and just silently complain to myself about how much I hate the Winter here (ok not silently...my wonderful FB friends get an earful...eyeful?...from me).
I have come to accept the fact that it snows here, and no matter how much praying, wishing, and hoping I do, snow is just an inevitable part of living up north. 
What made THIS week's forecast of snow so irritating to me is the fact that my husband is flying in on Friday for the 3 day weekend.
All I could think was, "if this weather messes up my husband's travel, I'm going to have to deal with one brokenhearted four year old who wants daddy home on Valentine's Day."
It just put me in a sour mood all day.
Oh, and let me just add that I am reading the Book of Job for my "Bible in 90 Days" group, and if you don't know, the Book of Job is pretty depressing.
When it comes to seeing my daughter disappointed with things like getting to see her father, it really gets under my skin.
I feel like at four years old, she's dealt with enough disappointment with him not being there all the time due to the nature of his job.
I don't need something like WEATHER to contribute to that!
I prayed SO hard today it's unreal. 
Almost with tears running down my face, hardcore prayed.
Begging God to pllleeeeaaase give us favorable conditions on Friday for daddy to make it home.

I just don't feel like seeing disappointment in my daughter's big brown eyes.
I already had to see it when she found out all her friends were going to a "daddy/daughter" dance last weekend.
She's been looking forward to this weekend, and counting down ballet class after ballet class until her daddy comes home to visit.

So please....
Can we get some prayers please?!

Oh, and if school is cancelled Friday because of "said snow", I'm going to have even more disappointment to deal with.
My daughter's worked SO hard on her Valentine's Day cards for her classmates, and if she doesn't get to take it to school ON Valentine's Day, she's gonna be upset!


  1. So sorry you're having such a rough day - prayers your way! I hope the winter storm doesn't hit too hard and that she'll have school on Friday!

  2. I hope she gets to make it to school! It looks like she did a fantastic job.

  3. Well, the good news is that the storm is Thursday and not Friday, so there should be school!

  4. I am right there with you, hating this winter weather. We had our THIRD snowstorm this year here in NC ... and its getting a touch ridiculous. But, the snow only lasted a few hours compared to the two days predicted, so hopefully your storm isn't as big as they are suggesting, either, and you can pick up your valentine as planned!

  5. The snow is heading our way tonight, ugh, I am with you, winter is the worst! I hope your husband gets home!!

  6. Spring!!! Can it just be spring already!!!!!


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