Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mom Attire and Team USA attire

I love fashion.
I love getting dressed up.
I love looking cute.
I love putting "my face" (make up) on.
Especially after spending the last 10 years of my life wearing cammies to work everyday with my hair in the same bun, wearing no make up....
I totally appreciate the freedom to leave my hair down every day and look cute!

But let's be real here...
After baby #2 came along, all that looking cute all the time went out the door. 
I put on make up, do my hair, and wear cute clothes for church, going out to dinner, or if I'm going to my husband's office (cause I want the people he works with to think I'm SO put together all the time...hahaha).
That, and I don't want to embarrass my dear husband.

Honestly, this is what I wear almost every single day.
Nike running capris, UnderArmour semifitted running jacket, and my a bun......
Yes, after 10 years of wearing it in a bun for work, I thought I'd break free from it, but it's such an easy hair do.
It's just so low maintenance and comfy.
My day revolves around Mattis' nap time, Dannika's preschool time, and MY work out time.
This outfit gets the job done for me every day!

I went in my closet today and realized I own more running clothes and work out clothes than regular clothes.
That's a problem cause I have like 20 pairs of jeans hanging in my closet with dust on them (seriously...DUST!).

I like my "mom attire".

Hey, at least I'm not wearing mom jeans!

And speaking of attire...
There has been a lot of "hatin'" going on about the Team USA opening ceremony sweaters.

I personally sorta liked them.
They're very patriotic.
There's a reason why I love them even more.
I read this LA Times article this morning, and instantly went from just "liking" the sweater to "LOVING" it.
You can click the link and read the entire article.
Basically, every bit and piece of manufacturing this sweater is American.
It took 12 hours to make each individual sweater.
They're made in America in a factory owned by South Korean immigrants who don't outsource jobs out of country.
 Just a couple who immigrated here for the "American dream" who started their business in their small LA apartment. 

But this is just my opinion....
and my blog :)

Happy Saturday, y'all!


  1. I don't love the Ralph Lauren Olympic outfits - I kind of hate them, actually. I think they are super tacky.

    1. haha! I think it's pretty bold. I really love the story behind them more than anything.

  2. I love the sweaters :) & btw you are gorgeous! Bun and all :)


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