Monday, March 24, 2014

5 Favorites About Military Life

I know lately on my blog, I do a lot of complaining about military life.
It's hit our family pretty hard these past few weeks, so it's what I've been feeling about it. 


"Military life can suck sometimes. The uncertainty. The deployments. The separations. The strange hours. Moving. It can suck."

But I figured I would share 5 things about this life that I actually love and enjoy.

1. The Homecoming after a long deployment.
Deployments suck. They suck so bad. But man, the feeling you have the day you know your honey is coming home is an indescribable feeling that I can't fathom into words. As a military spouse, I feel pretty darn lucky to have felt that much joy in my heart. I don't think the average civilian will ever feel that kind of joy.

2. The Marine Corps Ball.
What girl doesn't like wearing a gown, getting her hair and make up done and going to a big fancy party on the arm of a handsome stud in uniform?!? As a Marine, I hated going to my own birthday balls because I always saw it as "mandatory fun". That, and I had to be in uniform. I want to wear a princess dress, dangit! However, whether it was my own ball or my husband's, I've ALWAYS had such an AMAZING time. Drinks, dancing, camaraderie, and dress blues. You can't beat that.

3. Military Spouses!
Some of my "BESTEST" friends are spouses I have met through either my own work or through my husband. There's always an instant connection and a bond....a common ground that two "non military" spouses don't have. Never will you meet a woman, who you can call at 3am when your husband is deployed, and tell her you are bringing all your kids over with a bottle of wine because you can't sleep and you're sad. (whoa run on sentence. I don't's my blog).

4. Benefits.
Ok, I realize that we may not have the BEST benefits this country can offer our men and women in uniform, but I am grateful for what we do have. I know a lot of people who can't afford any insurance or pay ridiculous co pays, etc. I've seen families struggle with losing their military benefits after getting out. I also never realized just how awesome things like the commissary were until we moved here where we have no commissary. I am grateful.

5. Exploring the World.
I may complain a lot about New England, but I really am thankful to have the opportunity to live somewhere with truly 4 season. I've also had the opportunity lived in one of the most beautiful states in the U.S. with gorgeous weather all year round! No one else gets to explore the world the way we get to. 


New England

So there ya have it! 
These are my top 5 favorite things about this crazy life!
What are some of your favorites?


  1. Love your perspective!! Seeing things half full and not half empty can def help the circumstance! These are def good benefits :)

  2. Yup, these are all awesome things. Only I really don't like the balls. I always feel so dang awkward.

  3. I haven't been to a ball yet, I really want to! There was one just a couple weeks ago in Las Vegas but we weren't sure if we would be moving or not. We are in that awkward stage of Re-Enlisting so making plans is difficult. Hopefully we can go to the next one though!

    Just A Girl

  4. I agree with your list. I love all them. I love the commissary benefits; however, not the lines or terrible produce. Haha. We still buy the majority of our groceries there even though we live an hour away. I think it's great you have the chance to live on both coasts. I would love that opportunity. Even though you've been there a short time, you've already started your countdown to somewhere warmer :)

  5. Great list! I think for every military family there are pros and cons. My outlook is you get out of this life what you put into it. If you hate it, it will be miserable for you. If you just accept it and make the best of it, good things will follow. I have tried to use the resources provided, the military paid for my husbands degree and part of mine...pretty awesome! All my kids were born in civilian hospitals without barley a dime out of pocket....amazing!

    Oh and how cute is the picture of you guys on the beach!!!

  6. I agree with everything on your list! Especially the insurance! :)

  7. Love the positive outlook in this post!!! :)

  8. I'm not a military wife but am always so amazed when I read the blogs of you women who are. You all are so brave and such an inspiration.


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