Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Creating Memories

Random thought before I go into this post....
Children's toys are freaky.
My son's toy is currently turning itself on and off.
No one is touching it or playing with it...
Seriously freaky....

Ok, now for my actual post.

I've always said I want to be one of those "corny" and "cheesy" moms who go all out for every holiday.
I want my kids to grow up and say, "My mom was one of THOSE moms that went all out for EVERY. SINGLE. HOLIDAY."
I love creating memories.
So OF COURSE I hyped up St. Patrick's Day for my kids, dressed them in festive green, and just made the day fun.
Since Boston is the "St. Patrick's Day" mecca of the United States, I felt super festive.
I really wanted to check out the big St. Patrick's Day parade in South Boston, but I was advised it was not a good place to go with children.
I forgot about those crazy young people who party and get drunk at those things...haha.
On Monday, we headed out to Boston to have lunch with Nick at Uno's Pizza.
We got lots of compliments on Dannika's St. Patrick's Day attire.

After our afternoon lunch date with daddy, we headed back over to "Jam Time" (the indoor play place) to wear the kids out a little bit.
My kids absolutely love playing there,  and it's become our new "Monday ritual".
It also gives mama some free time to just relax, check emails, read blogs, and watch the kids tire themselves out.

For dinner, I cooked corned beef, Irish bangers, cabbage, and mashed potatoes.
We completed that with green beer, green juice, and that random plant on our dining room table is a pot of shamrocks that Nick brought home from the store.

I put green food coloring in our toilet, and Dannika got a kick out of the fact that a "leprechaun" came and forgot to flush.'s all about the details, people. photo of my toilet.

So, call me a horrible mom, but I realized that my four year old had never been to the dentist.
I have friends who take their 1 year olds!
I decided it was time to get on that.
I've never been overly concerned about the dentist for my daughter because she is an obsessive "brusher".
We have an Oral B app on the IPad that she uses to brush her teeth.
It has a little timer on it to let her know when to stop.
It's pretty cool actually. 
So yesterday, my daughter had her very first dentist's appointment and teeth cleaning.

She was a champ!

And cavity free!

And since daddy was working late, I decided to treat her out to dinner at the Outback for being so awesome at the dentist!


  1. Honestly, my mom was one of those moms who went above and beyond for every holiday and it's amazing how I look back now and those memories are so special to me! I want to be one of those moms too!!

  2. Haha - that means the battery is low in the toy :)

  3. I love how you went all out for St. Patty's. I almost forgot what day it was!

  4. So many things about this made me happy: A.] I love going over the top with holidays B.] Boston ... oooooh Boston. A friend of mine was having his birthday on Monday, and went to the parade. Drunk. Yea --- madness. And C.] Unos. Oh man how I miss Unos. Their deep dish pizza!? So freakin' amazingly good. Carb overload, but great!! And worth it! {[And just a heads up -- I noticed your a no-reply commenter once again ... bummer!}}

  5. This is too cute!!! I love her festive little outfit. I am one of those crazy moms who take their kid to the dentist at an early age!! Avalon has 7 teeth at 10 months so she has already gone. Haha!!


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