Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Tease

It was 50 degrees out yesterday....and sunny.
Yes, people....50 FREAKING DEGREES!!
Dannika rode her scooter around the neighborhood, and I chased after her with the stroller trying to soak up as much of the sunshine as possible.
It's amazing what a little sunshine can do to boost your mood.
It was nice out on Monday as well, and I decided that I NEEDED to go for a run...alone...without the kids.
Hubby gladly took the kids off my hands when he got home from work so that I could hit the pavement.
Those extra hours of daylight are so nice in times like this!
Oh, did I mention I fell down my stairs 2 weeks ago, and sprained my ankle pretty bad?
It hasn't healed yet, but I HAD to take advantage of the weather.
I probably would have ran on a broken foot just to take advantage of the weather.
Unfortunately, I made my little injury worse.
It's hard to tell in this pic, but my right ankle is swollen.

Nothing a little KT tape can't fix.
Did I ever mention how much I LOVE KT tape?!?!
I use it on my knees, hips, and ankle.
It's like duct tape for athletic injuries.

So with all this nice weather we've been having, I knew it was too good to be true.
Because it's going to rain all day today, and it'll eventually turn into sleet tonight.....
And by tomorrow morning, it's going to be SNOW.
More freaking snow.
It was 50 degrees yesterday, and the high tomorrow is 25. 
Bipolar much?
Also, sleeves are up for the Marines (yay!), but of course it's still freezing cold here in the mornings, and Spring is not quite here yet.
Poor Hubby.
But I must say, I sure did miss looking at the "gun show" all these years when the Corps made the decision to go sleeves down all year long.

I discovered this little place by my house called Jam Time.
It's an indoor play place for kids, and they just opened a few weeks ago.
I took my kids there, and both of them had such a blast.
I couldn't help but wish they would have opened this place the beginning of this awful Winter!
This little padded tub thingy was great since my little guy is just starting to sit up on his own.
Every once in a while, he'll tip over, and I don't have to worry about him hurting himself.

Out of ALL the toys, the make believe stations, and playground equipment that this place has, D chooses to spend most of her time playing with the "Princess castle". 

And this "little" guy is officially in a convertible car seat.
We've been meaning to switch him for a while now, but just didn't get around to it.
He was starting to look ridiculous in his carrier.
He's a 20lbs 6 month old, and he just looked awkward in it!
And....he loves it :)

Thank you for all the sweet and encouraging messages and emails about my last couple posts on the challenges my little family is going through.
We are slowly and prayerfully working through it together as a family.
Last night, we seriously just sat on the floor in the kitchen after dinner and dishes and talked for two hours about anything and everything.
We normally turn on the TV at the end of every day to unwind, but we haven't done that this week.
It's made a world of difference in our lives, and I encourage everyone else to try it!
I feel like we should have been doing this a lot more often, and maybe some of the challenges we are going through wouldn't have been as big or even an issue at all.
I forgot how much I love talking to my husband.

While we were just sitting and talking, Dannika was practicing bow hunting for deer season this year.

Happy Hump Day, y'all :)


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  2. Yay for warmer weather! It was warm here too. Always nice to get out.

  3. Oh some RICE for that ankle! Hopefully it'll heal up just fine!! I'm also a huge fan of that tape! I use it a lot for problems with my right ankle when I work out!!

  4. Welcome to New England....where it can be summer weather one day and we can get a foot of snow the next. I've been dealing with it my entire life.

  5. My goodness...where to start? First I am loving the bangs!! Hot mama! And 50 degrees??!!!! Will you guys adopt me? That play place looks awesome, little man is too cute in these pictures. And Dannika with that bow is so great!! I hope the ankle heals up soon.

  6. Ouchhh, I hope your ankle heals soon! Sprains just straight up suck. Gun show... ha ha that made me laugh. Sitting down and just enjoying each others company is always a great thing to do - it is surprisingly entertaining especially if you haven't done it in a while. We try to actually eat a meal at the dinning room table every once in a while so we can talk instead of watch t.v.

    Just A Girls Blog

  7. I'm so glad you had some nice days in there! That ankle looks painful, yikes! I completely agree! We watch tv wayy too much because we're both just exhausted at the end of the day but doing some good ol fashioned talking really does a marriage good! :)


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